Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You're a Boy...Did you hear me? I called you a BOY!

Where to is all about Molly and her Mollyisms, there have been a ton lately!

*My maiden name is a form of fruit and my kids think it's hilarious when I tell them my maiden name. I'm also explaining constantly about women changing their names when they get married.  So, one morning, Molly is eating blackberries and looks at me saying, "When I get married, I'll be Molly Blackberry because I love blackberries!"

*Poor Will is really confused right now...Molly shortens every word, as in her nap mat is her nap, her piggy bank is her pig, her blanket is her blank, etc.  She expects all of us to understand, especially Will.  She also likes to call food something that it isn't, like cheese is gum, milk is juice, and Cheerios are M&M's...poor Will expects M&M's, not Cheerios!  She also calls him Preston or Eric when the play house.  

*Molly loves her baby dolls and is always the mommy or Ms. Kathy (our favorite Kindermusik gal!), Jack is the Daddy or Joe across the street (our WT neighbor), and usually Will is the dog.  Well, now Will is Molly's kid and he's usually Will or Preston or Eric (usually Jack is Eric because Jack is the Dad, but only when he's not Joe).  Molly is Will's mommy and now, I'm the Grandma and Eric's Papa.  All day long, I am called Grandma, Molly expects Will to call her Mommy and me Grandma.  When he was throwing food at lunch today, I told her to control her kid.  She looks at me and goes, "I am controlling my kid, GRANDMA!"  And yes, she yelled at me and in the sweetest voice, turns to Will and goes, "Honey, eat your food and I'll give you a cookie."

*She told Eric she had a baby in her tummy.

*Will wanted milk this morning and she asked him if he wanted milk from the refrigerator or mommy milk.  He looked at her like she was crazy!

*She's trying to potty train him and every time she goes, she almost forces him into the bathroom with her.  I have to give her a few bonus points for sparking his interest in potty training and not backing down, but give the kid a break!  Maybe she's thinking that since she was potty trained by his age, she feels as though he's a slacker...not sure why she is so insistent!

*Molly was mad at me the other day, not sure why, and yelled, "I called you a boy.  Did you hear me?  I called. YOU. A. BOY!  You boy!  You're a BOY!"  I walked away and she's yelling, "BOY!  BOY!!  BOY!!"

*Her birthday party plans change daily and she is super upset when I can't keep up with the ever changing plans...currently it's Dora (again) and a pretend sleepover with her friends at our house!

*She constantly just screams at the top of her lungs (no exclamation point here)

*Molly calls everyone Sweetie or Honey (when she's not calling us Grandma, Papa, Eric, Preston, or My Kid), I wasn't sure where she got it from.  Apparently from me because I call them Sweetie or Honey all the time!  It's really cute!

*She is insistent on making her own toast each morning and actually does a great job at it!  She is starting to want to help in the kitchen all the time too, and we actually have a lot of fun!  I need to find us matching aprons, maybe for her birthday!

*She is a lifelong finger/thumb sucker (we have a sonogram pictures of her with her left pointer finger and thumb in her mouth) and we're working on her to stop...not sure how, but we're talking about it and I mentioned the Blanket Fairy coming (because whenever she has her blanket, the finger/thumb goes into her mouth).  She really wants to get her fingernails painted, but not until she stops her "habit!"  I went to get a manicure the other day and she loves it!  So, she tells me she only wants 8 fingers painted, not all 10.  Guess which fingers she doesn't want painted?

We truly love our little girl and life would be so boring without her!

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  1. Molly sounds like such a fun little girl! I laughed at the "I called you a boy!" Too funny!! Can't wait to see what kinds of shenanigans my baby girl has in store!


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