Thursday, January 19, 2012

What NOT to say to your children

We went to the wonderful world of IKEA a few weeks ago and amongst the wonderfulness of the store, we actually found something really practical...a light for Jack's bunk bed!  Awesome!  So, we get home, Eric and Jack work hard at assembling our find, get it connected onto the top bunk, and turn it on to read books before bed time.  Except, Eric told Jack not to fall asleep with the light on because it may overheat and catch on fire.  Especially if his pillow is nearby and then Jack will catch on fire too.  DEAD. SERIOUS.  Now Jack refuses to use the light, sleeps on the opposite side of the bed, pretty much as close to the wall as possible.  Now, Mr. Insurance was just trying to warn his son of what might happen. I remember when the fire fighters came to school every year and freaked everyone out about not having an evacuation plan, meeting spot, and you go home convinced your house will indeed catch on fire.  Once, I had a bag packed of all of my "valuables" for a good month (when I really needed my Barbie dress up clothes).  So, now the practical light just sits there, unused for who knows how long.

Molly's feet were really dirty the other day, maybe because she never wears shoes or socks and just her slippers or bare feet.  So, I told her she needed a bath that night to clean her feet.  Next thing I know, she's licking her feet.  Really?

One child, who shall not be named, has a habit of eating boogers, quite possibly the grossest thing to do EVER.  So, we told child that if they keep doing that, kids will make fun of them and really, it's gross and could make you sick.  Well, child ate some boogers and proudly announced to me that no one made fun of him/her and he/she wasn't sick!  They should have just added, "In your face Mom!"

Lessons learned:  Try to plug fire safety without making child petrified and kids are gross.

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