Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We're sickies

Happy 2012!  Ya!  We have been so CRAZY busy with....wait for it...the sickies.  No exciting adventures for us, unless you count going to the doctor's office 4 times in one week and adventure.  Or the constant trips to Target for food, returning Christmas presents and picking up prescriptions from the  Pharmacy 4 times in a week an adventure.  It's been a very long 4, yes FOUR weeks for the Brew Crew.  It started with a stomach bug (Jack needs new carpet due to the fact he threw up going down his bunk bed ladder and was afraid if he moved again he would throw up more...I found him in the fetal position at about 1 in the morning and who knows how long he had been laying like that), leading to colds, which turned into RSV(yep, all three had and all three needed three breathing treatments a day...oh, and the medicine for the nebulizer made them hyper), and finally croup and upper respiratory infections.  And yes, all three kids had the fun sickies.  Awesome.  So, I'll have some cute posts about they funny things my kids have said over the past few weeks, and the exciting adventures in our house about how we have been driving each other crazy!  For now, I'm going to bleach and Lysol everything (for like the THOUSANDTH time), wash my hands for the millionth time (surprisingly, I stayed healthy this whole time...not sure how that worked out), and look on Pinterest about how to make my own hand sanitizer.  Oh, and pray that tomorrow I can go to the gym and get a good nights sleep, maybe even 8 hours!  Seriously, it feels as though I have a newborn except I didn't get that time to prepare for the sleepless nights (pregnancy bathroom trips in the middle of the night, sleepless nights from baby hiccups, kicks, and dancing in the belly), just BAM, up two or three times a night with various children for various reasons (oh, mix in some diarrhea at all hours of the day from one child)...or just wake up and can't go back to sleep because I'm expecting someone to wake up (and they usually did once I feel back asleep).  Oh well!  Stay healthy!  More to come soon!

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