Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Shopping

Our family has been a tad under the weather the past week, a mixture of stomach yuckies ("Daddy's sgetti made me sick") to colds!  Fun! Of course I waited to the last minute to finish Christmas shopping and learned the hard way the hard way, plan ahead!!  So, I ran around town last night like a mad man, Kohl's, Target and the grocery store. Seriously people!  It is SO not right to treat checkers/clerks/baggers so rudely!  They are just doing their jobs!  It's not the check-out clerks fault the price came up wrong, or that they need your i.d. because you're buying alcohol (this lady was SCREAMING at the checker about how she was from a different country, had no American i.d., and needed to find her daughter...leaving a whole line of people to wait!  The checker was calmly saying any form of i.d. would work, and this lady kept on yelling about "No. American I.D.")!  These workers need a huge raise!  But I do enjoy the show!
So, I'm on my way to the grocery store, feeling annoyed about people, annoyed at myself for procrastinating, you get the gist of it...and THIS song comes on the radio (only one of the BEST songs EVER!)....
Suddenly, my outlook on things improve, I can grocery shop, finish my Christmas shopping, and dance in my car full on!  It was awesome!  And, I was able to listen to the entire song, while dancing the entire time!
Merry Christmas Everyone!

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