Monday, November 7, 2011

A Week of Thankfulness!

I love seeing every one's posts on Facebook about what they're thankful daily, but I don't think I can keep up with that, I'm doing a weekly series of what our family is thankful for in the month of November!

1.  I'm so thankful for a clean bill at the dermotologist last week!  I was so stressed out about the visit, I was convinced I was going to have skin cancer, but it went great and he even told me to STOP using aging cream and anti-aging cleanser, my skin was too young and was doing more harm then good! Ha!  Beat that 32 years of age, I have young looking skin!

2.  As a family, we're so thankful our Puggy Bear is feeling better and that no one else received his gift of the stomach flu last week!  Poor buddy was so sick Wednesday through Saturday with the bug, but is thankfully 100% now!  And as a whole, we are thankful for being a healthy family in general and to remember those who are not as blessed as us!

3.  We are also thankful for family coming to visit us!  My aunt and uncle from Kansas City visited us last Wednesday through Saturday (thankfully, they did NOT get the stomach bug) and we had fun showing them our house, eating out with them (well, Eric and I did) and hanging out at their hotel's happy hour!  We love visitors!

4.  Jack is thankful for his NEW, GREEN cowboy boots he bought with his own money!  Such a big boy!  We'll get pictures soon, he wears them all the time, even with shorts!

5.  Thankful for "cooler" weather, meaning only in the low 80's but we did enjoy a day or 2 in the 60's, crazy!

6.  Molly is thankful for her wonderful preschool, awesome teachers Ms. Heather and Ms. Dayna, and her sweet friend Bella!  She thanks God nightly for all three!

7.  Will is thankful for his truck and horse trailer he received for his birthday, and he also thanks God for those every night!

8.  We are also thankful for friends and family birthdays...Happy Birthday today to Mema and Aunt Kim (the aunt who came to visit last week), Great Grandma Mogo (Eric's Grandma) on Wednesday, and all of our friends from our schools and play group.

A million more things to be thankful for and I even considered doing a non-thankful post (seriously, what is the point in fire ants, annoying people that talk on their cell phones in the middle of story time that I'm leading, and having only 1 pair of decent fitting jeans...the horrors of my life).

What are some things you and your family is thankful for?!

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