Sunday, November 27, 2011

So much to be thankful for!

Wow, Thanksgiving week was so wonderful, I forgot to post about being thankful!  Oops!  Eric was busy traveling for the first half of November, but he was home with us for 10 straight days!  VERY thankful for our time with him HOME, Jack and Molly being off of school, and spending time together as a family!

Last Saturday, we went up to College Station to see our beloved Jayhawks get DESTROYED by Texas A&M.  We're a basketball school, OK?  Despite the lost, we had fun, eating popcorn, watching the band, and seeing the cheerleaders and Jayhawk!  Side note:  Had NO idea A&M didn't have cheerleaders, just male yell leaders.  We also saw an old friend of ours at the game, he was my neighbor growing up, his daughter was our flower girl, and even though they live in California now, his brother-in-law is on the coaching staff at A&M.  It was so great seeing him!  After the game we went out to our friends the Jackson's house and played in their dried up lake and barn!  The kids were in heaven!  Such a great day!

The HIGHLIGHT of the game!  One little guy enjoyed him from a far, not so much up close!

The boys enjoying the game!  

Sunday and Monday were typical days, but on Tuesday, I helped out in Jack's classroom and Fall party.  Sadly, his school doesn't celebrate any holidays, so Halloween was just another day, no party and no party the last day before Christmas break.  Instead, they have a fall and spring party, which I get, but still, they are just kids!  Can't they have a little fun?!  Well, they had a blast at the fall party, pass the pumpkin relay races, Pumpkin Says, toss the bean bag, a pumpkin craft, and of course, tons of yummy food!  I was so happy to be there with him, watching him with his friends!  Molly had a Thanksgiving Feast, she brought the ham, but no parents!  She proudly brought home a turkey with her hands as feathers, a place mat (adorable!), and a pilgrim hat!

All day Wednesday, we heard, "When are we decorating for Christmas?"  The entire day.  At Sam's, the grocery store, every meal, ALL.  DAY!  We held strong..

Until Thanksgiving!  Maybe it was the yummy smells coming from our backyard (Eric smoked the turkey) or kitchen, the parade with Santa at the end and all the Christmas Carols, or watching our neighbors put up their decorations, but right before it was time to eat, we got out our decorations and began to decorate the inside of our house!  NEVER again will I decorate before we eat Thanksgiving, but the kids were in HEAVEN!!  Will kept hugging the tree and Molly tried to show the tree to Papa and Grandma on the phone!  A very fun day and we are so THANKFUL for the blessing God has given us!

Decorating the tree!  All the ornaments were on the bottom, but they were so excited!

Such the helper!

Showing us her ornament she made last year!

Getting ready to hang up his tractor ornament he picked out a few years ago!

Friday, oh yes, I went out to the madness!  And then worked out (how I've missed Pilate's, can't go now because of preschool and a mom's group).  And then we took our family Christmas pictures.  It was a long day!  I'll share the picture story and some pictures later, it was an adventure!  Oh, and Eric put lights outside the house with three very handy helpers!  Molly was a rock star helping him, Jack liked the end results, and Will like to walk on the lights.  Fun!

Saturday, was a rainy day, I passed out after working out and we received sad news that Eric's former boss, who was also an amazing friend, passed away after a yearlong cancer battle.  Another reminder to be thankful with the life God has blessed us with.  She was an amazing friend, person, and she will be truly missed, but we are thankful God gave her to us for a short time!  We love you Ginny!  We also watched the Jayhawks get destroyed by Mizzou, good riddance to them!  Yuck!  On a happy note, our parents Christmas presents are finished!  Yay!

Today, we're slowly getting back into our schedule!  What a fast week!  After church, we went to Steak and Shake (yuck, not a fan, but the kids love it!  Why?!!), and finished up our Christmas cards!  Getting ready to go to a friends birthday party, make chili and try to stay warm!  57 degrees is freezing cold!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we are so thankful for our family, friends, and the little things in life God has blessed us with.  Today in church, part of the message was about what we are doing for God, not the things we are doing in our everyday life to show-off to people!  So, that is what we are going to focus on in the upcoming month and hopefully carry over to everyday life!  I made our Advent calendar today, and tried to incorporate how to give back to others with some activities and I'm so excited to try the Advent calendar with our kids!  I've never done an Advent calendar, except that paper chains!  Maybe another post on that!

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