Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mortified Barely Descripes This Adventure....

So, last Friday night, we were running low on milk and I told Eric I would run to the store once the kids went to sleep...but he really wanted to go with me and so did the kids!  Awesome, what a fun family night adventure!  We got the milk, and of course a few other necessities, and as we were walking towards the check-out, we passed the clearance rack with all the Halloween costumes!  Everything was marked at 90% off, how could you NOT look!  Well, I was searching for costumes as possible dress-up clothes for Molly, but mostly found adult costumes.  So, I come across a Lady Gaga costume and totally joking, said to Eric, "Want me to get this for you know, later?!"  and I turn around to face two women instead of my husband...who was standing off to the side laughing at me.  I was joking!  I would NOT wear or buy a Lady Gaga costume for "later," next Halloween or EVER (but I do love the Gaga's songs, Bad Romance is a family favorite!)!  These women just looked at me in shock, then at the costume in shock (because I'm holding it up for all to see), and then at our lovely family in the car cart (except for Jack, he was holding my other hand).  I put down the costume and walked quickly to Eric and practically ran to the exit!  I am still so embarrassed and can't believe Eric didn't say one word except laughing harder and harder all weekend when he thought of our outing!  

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