Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Last night a Pirate, Kansas Cheerleader, and Candy Beggar went Trick-or-Treating and it was the first year all three kids had fun a collected a TON of candy!  Molly woke up at 1 yesterday morning ready to go out and get her candy...luckily she went back to sleep!  All three kids wore Halloween shirts and socks yesterday, and a Halloween bow for our little girl, and looked adorable!  With a very-excited-to-do-his-homework-Kindergartner, homework was a breeze because he knew Trick-or-Treating would start when homework was over (almost wish everyday was Halloween for an easy homework night, oh well!).  Will isn't a huge fan of changing his clothes, wearing long sleeved shirts, hats, you get the picture.  Finding a costume for him was tricky!  Originally he was going to be garbage truck driver, but he didn't want to sit in the cardboard box for me to measure him and start the construction.  Then a construction worker, but he didn't want to wear the plastic hard hat we have and kept throwing the tools.  After hours of scouring the Internet, I found the perfect costume...a candy beggar!  He was perfect too and everyone loved his beard!
We went around most of our little neighborhood, Will walked most of the time and I ended up carrying him and his bucket towards the end and got a nice little arm workout!  The kids had so much fun and loved going to everyone houses, ringing the doorbells and exclaiming, "I got 3 Skittles now!"  One house gave out Capri Suns and Goldfish...they were in heaven!  Another neighbor dressed up as Chewbacha, not a hit with the kids, but he took off his mask and things were all good!  Here are a few pictures of our fun night!

All ready to go Trick-or-Treat!

As much as he didn't like hats or changing his shirt, Will surprisingly didn't mind getting his beard put on!  

After a long night of getting treats, ready for bed in our Halloween pajamas and glow sticks!  

Helping pass out candy!

Our pumpkin family!  The 2 small ones from our trip to Dewberry, Molly's Mummy pumpkin from a preschool party, Jack's painted one and Molly's glitter pumpkin (don't tell Will he didn't decorate one!)

We ran out of candy around 8 and turned off all the lights, watched a little Chiefs football and enjoyed our night...until about 9 when a car parade and swarms of children, teens and adults invaded our neighborhood!  It was crazy how many people were still out looking for candy!  And the number of cars, seriously a ton!  It was fun watching them all, a great end to a fun night!  Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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  1. The kids look so cute! Love their PJs and costumes!


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