Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Card Pictures

Last Saturday, we went with our friends the Walls to take our annual holiday picture for our family Christmas card.  We originally wanted to do beach pictures, but weather, baseball games, and husbands traveling sort of got in the way, so we opted for finding an old building for a background instead.  Since their boys are older, they went to downtown Houston an hour earlier then us to scope out a perfect spot! In the meantime, I'm running around like a mad woman getting everyone ready, and myself!  Why do I have to do that while my husband takes 5 minutes and done!  Of course, I hate my hair, feel fat, and my shoes are on the verge of breaking (had them since college and yes, they broke later that night)!  So, we drive downtown, the whole way I hear how hungry everyone is and how everyone keeps touching each others car seats...really?  I promise snacks after pictures and tried to remain calm....until we arrived at the picture destination.  

Let me describe the surroundings
1.  The light rail train bridge was right next the the abandoned building, meaning HUGE distraction!
2.  Several homeless people were living there
3.  Walking down the hill to said abandoned house, my shoe broke, there was broken glass everywhere, syringes, and a very strong smell of urine.

The Walls were all ready taking pictures, so we finished theirs up first, and literally, picture perfect!  Seriously, so easy!  While Eric was taking their pictures, I was freaking out!  The kids wanted to touch EVERYTHING!  It was so gross!  My blood pressure was quickly rising!

Then, we move on to us...and lets just say the kids were highly distracted by their surroundings and frankly didn't want to take pictures (seriously, look at the camera means look at the camera....JACK!)

Here are some of the lovely pictures that turned out well, I just wish I wasn't in them (and my hair was a nightmare and my legs look like two elephant legs)!

The looks of distraction

Not bad

They were waving at us because we were waving at them to get their attention...and Jack was watching the train

Really Jack?!

I love this one of her..but really?  My legs and hair are horrible!!

No worries, we have an adorable card with adorable pictures coming soon to a mailbox near you!  And thanks to our friends the Walls for taking awesome pictures!

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