Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Week of Thankfulness!

Another week, more things to be thankful for and this week it's all about our family!  Our sweet little family!

The official beginning of the Brew Crew, one of the best and happiest days of our lives!  June 2005, I love this picture!

A few minutes after we had Jack in March 2006!  Very blurry, but the very 1st family pictures of the three of us!  The best day because we officially began our family!  And, only 9 1/2 months after the above picture! (I'm a little embarrassed, I have NO pictures of the 3 of us from that time except this one picture!  What was I thinking?!!!  The rest of the pictures are a lot better, promise!!!!)

Our sweet family was blessed when our Molly arrived in February 2008, this was taken our first Christmas in Texas!  We were so excited for Jack to have a little sister and we were enjoying our perfect little family in Texas and thought we were complete, until....
Exactly a year later, when we welcomed Will our Texas born baby!  My how things change in 1 year!

I am so thankful for these four special, amazing, loving, and blessings in my life!  This is last years picture and one of my favorites (I think all family pictures are my favorite, except when I'm in them (sort of kidding!))!  


  1. I think I took the blurry picture. I didn't have a very good camera at the time. I think most of the pictures I took with that camera were blurry.

  2. My mom may have some better pictures of the three of you at the hospital with Jack.


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