Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Card Pictures

Last Saturday, we went with our friends the Walls to take our annual holiday picture for our family Christmas card.  We originally wanted to do beach pictures, but weather, baseball games, and husbands traveling sort of got in the way, so we opted for finding an old building for a background instead.  Since their boys are older, they went to downtown Houston an hour earlier then us to scope out a perfect spot! In the meantime, I'm running around like a mad woman getting everyone ready, and myself!  Why do I have to do that while my husband takes 5 minutes and done!  Of course, I hate my hair, feel fat, and my shoes are on the verge of breaking (had them since college and yes, they broke later that night)!  So, we drive downtown, the whole way I hear how hungry everyone is and how everyone keeps touching each others car seats...really?  I promise snacks after pictures and tried to remain calm....until we arrived at the picture destination.  

Let me describe the surroundings
1.  The light rail train bridge was right next the the abandoned building, meaning HUGE distraction!
2.  Several homeless people were living there
3.  Walking down the hill to said abandoned house, my shoe broke, there was broken glass everywhere, syringes, and a very strong smell of urine.

The Walls were all ready taking pictures, so we finished theirs up first, and literally, picture perfect!  Seriously, so easy!  While Eric was taking their pictures, I was freaking out!  The kids wanted to touch EVERYTHING!  It was so gross!  My blood pressure was quickly rising!

Then, we move on to us...and lets just say the kids were highly distracted by their surroundings and frankly didn't want to take pictures (seriously, look at the camera means look at the camera....JACK!)

Here are some of the lovely pictures that turned out well, I just wish I wasn't in them (and my hair was a nightmare and my legs look like two elephant legs)!

The looks of distraction

Not bad

They were waving at us because we were waving at them to get their attention...and Jack was watching the train

Really Jack?!

I love this one of her..but really?  My legs and hair are horrible!!

No worries, we have an adorable card with adorable pictures coming soon to a mailbox near you!  And thanks to our friends the Walls for taking awesome pictures!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

So much to be thankful for!

Wow, Thanksgiving week was so wonderful, I forgot to post about being thankful!  Oops!  Eric was busy traveling for the first half of November, but he was home with us for 10 straight days!  VERY thankful for our time with him HOME, Jack and Molly being off of school, and spending time together as a family!

Last Saturday, we went up to College Station to see our beloved Jayhawks get DESTROYED by Texas A&M.  We're a basketball school, OK?  Despite the lost, we had fun, eating popcorn, watching the band, and seeing the cheerleaders and Jayhawk!  Side note:  Had NO idea A&M didn't have cheerleaders, just male yell leaders.  We also saw an old friend of ours at the game, he was my neighbor growing up, his daughter was our flower girl, and even though they live in California now, his brother-in-law is on the coaching staff at A&M.  It was so great seeing him!  After the game we went out to our friends the Jackson's house and played in their dried up lake and barn!  The kids were in heaven!  Such a great day!

The HIGHLIGHT of the game!  One little guy enjoyed him from a far, not so much up close!

The boys enjoying the game!  

Sunday and Monday were typical days, but on Tuesday, I helped out in Jack's classroom and Fall party.  Sadly, his school doesn't celebrate any holidays, so Halloween was just another day, no party and no party the last day before Christmas break.  Instead, they have a fall and spring party, which I get, but still, they are just kids!  Can't they have a little fun?!  Well, they had a blast at the fall party, pass the pumpkin relay races, Pumpkin Says, toss the bean bag, a pumpkin craft, and of course, tons of yummy food!  I was so happy to be there with him, watching him with his friends!  Molly had a Thanksgiving Feast, she brought the ham, but no parents!  She proudly brought home a turkey with her hands as feathers, a place mat (adorable!), and a pilgrim hat!

All day Wednesday, we heard, "When are we decorating for Christmas?"  The entire day.  At Sam's, the grocery store, every meal, ALL.  DAY!  We held strong..

Until Thanksgiving!  Maybe it was the yummy smells coming from our backyard (Eric smoked the turkey) or kitchen, the parade with Santa at the end and all the Christmas Carols, or watching our neighbors put up their decorations, but right before it was time to eat, we got out our decorations and began to decorate the inside of our house!  NEVER again will I decorate before we eat Thanksgiving, but the kids were in HEAVEN!!  Will kept hugging the tree and Molly tried to show the tree to Papa and Grandma on the phone!  A very fun day and we are so THANKFUL for the blessing God has given us!

Decorating the tree!  All the ornaments were on the bottom, but they were so excited!

Such the helper!

Showing us her ornament she made last year!

Getting ready to hang up his tractor ornament he picked out a few years ago!

Friday, oh yes, I went out to the madness!  And then worked out (how I've missed Pilate's, can't go now because of preschool and a mom's group).  And then we took our family Christmas pictures.  It was a long day!  I'll share the picture story and some pictures later, it was an adventure!  Oh, and Eric put lights outside the house with three very handy helpers!  Molly was a rock star helping him, Jack liked the end results, and Will like to walk on the lights.  Fun!

Saturday, was a rainy day, I passed out after working out and we received sad news that Eric's former boss, who was also an amazing friend, passed away after a yearlong cancer battle.  Another reminder to be thankful with the life God has blessed us with.  She was an amazing friend, person, and she will be truly missed, but we are thankful God gave her to us for a short time!  We love you Ginny!  We also watched the Jayhawks get destroyed by Mizzou, good riddance to them!  Yuck!  On a happy note, our parents Christmas presents are finished!  Yay!

Today, we're slowly getting back into our schedule!  What a fast week!  After church, we went to Steak and Shake (yuck, not a fan, but the kids love it!  Why?!!), and finished up our Christmas cards!  Getting ready to go to a friends birthday party, make chili and try to stay warm!  57 degrees is freezing cold!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we are so thankful for our family, friends, and the little things in life God has blessed us with.  Today in church, part of the message was about what we are doing for God, not the things we are doing in our everyday life to show-off to people!  So, that is what we are going to focus on in the upcoming month and hopefully carry over to everyday life!  I made our Advent calendar today, and tried to incorporate how to give back to others with some activities and I'm so excited to try the Advent calendar with our kids!  I've never done an Advent calendar, except that paper chains!  Maybe another post on that!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Week of Thankfulness!

Another week, more things to be thankful for and this week it's all about our family!  Our sweet little family!

The official beginning of the Brew Crew, one of the best and happiest days of our lives!  June 2005, I love this picture!

A few minutes after we had Jack in March 2006!  Very blurry, but the very 1st family pictures of the three of us!  The best day because we officially began our family!  And, only 9 1/2 months after the above picture! (I'm a little embarrassed, I have NO pictures of the 3 of us from that time except this one picture!  What was I thinking?!!!  The rest of the pictures are a lot better, promise!!!!)

Our sweet family was blessed when our Molly arrived in February 2008, this was taken our first Christmas in Texas!  We were so excited for Jack to have a little sister and we were enjoying our perfect little family in Texas and thought we were complete, until....
Exactly a year later, when we welcomed Will our Texas born baby!  My how things change in 1 year!

I am so thankful for these four special, amazing, loving, and blessings in my life!  This is last years picture and one of my favorites (I think all family pictures are my favorite, except when I'm in them (sort of kidding!))!  

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mortified Barely Descripes This Adventure....

So, last Friday night, we were running low on milk and I told Eric I would run to the store once the kids went to sleep...but he really wanted to go with me and so did the kids!  Awesome, what a fun family night adventure!  We got the milk, and of course a few other necessities, and as we were walking towards the check-out, we passed the clearance rack with all the Halloween costumes!  Everything was marked at 90% off, how could you NOT look!  Well, I was searching for costumes as possible dress-up clothes for Molly, but mostly found adult costumes.  So, I come across a Lady Gaga costume and totally joking, said to Eric, "Want me to get this for you know, later?!"  and I turn around to face two women instead of my husband...who was standing off to the side laughing at me.  I was joking!  I would NOT wear or buy a Lady Gaga costume for "later," next Halloween or EVER (but I do love the Gaga's songs, Bad Romance is a family favorite!)!  These women just looked at me in shock, then at the costume in shock (because I'm holding it up for all to see), and then at our lovely family in the car cart (except for Jack, he was holding my other hand).  I put down the costume and walked quickly to Eric and practically ran to the exit!  I am still so embarrassed and can't believe Eric didn't say one word except laughing harder and harder all weekend when he thought of our outing!  

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Week of Thankfulness!

I love seeing every one's posts on Facebook about what they're thankful daily, but I don't think I can keep up with that daily....so, I'm doing a weekly series of what our family is thankful for in the month of November!

1.  I'm so thankful for a clean bill at the dermotologist last week!  I was so stressed out about the visit, I was convinced I was going to have skin cancer, but it went great and he even told me to STOP using aging cream and anti-aging cleanser, my skin was too young and was doing more harm then good! Ha!  Beat that 32 years of age, I have young looking skin!

2.  As a family, we're so thankful our Puggy Bear is feeling better and that no one else received his gift of the stomach flu last week!  Poor buddy was so sick Wednesday through Saturday with the bug, but is thankfully 100% now!  And as a whole, we are thankful for being a healthy family in general and to remember those who are not as blessed as us!

3.  We are also thankful for family coming to visit us!  My aunt and uncle from Kansas City visited us last Wednesday through Saturday (thankfully, they did NOT get the stomach bug) and we had fun showing them our house, eating out with them (well, Eric and I did) and hanging out at their hotel's happy hour!  We love visitors!

4.  Jack is thankful for his NEW, GREEN cowboy boots he bought with his own money!  Such a big boy!  We'll get pictures soon, he wears them all the time, even with shorts!

5.  Thankful for "cooler" weather, meaning only in the low 80's but we did enjoy a day or 2 in the 60's, crazy!

6.  Molly is thankful for her wonderful preschool, awesome teachers Ms. Heather and Ms. Dayna, and her sweet friend Bella!  She thanks God nightly for all three!

7.  Will is thankful for his truck and horse trailer he received for his birthday, and he also thanks God for those every night!

8.  We are also thankful for friends and family birthdays...Happy Birthday today to Mema and Aunt Kim (the aunt who came to visit last week), Great Grandma Mogo (Eric's Grandma) on Wednesday, and all of our friends from our schools and play group.

A million more things to be thankful for and I even considered doing a non-thankful post (seriously, what is the point in fire ants, annoying people that talk on their cell phones in the middle of story time that I'm leading, and having only 1 pair of decent fitting jeans...the horrors of my life).

What are some things you and your family is thankful for?!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Last night a Pirate, Kansas Cheerleader, and Candy Beggar went Trick-or-Treating and it was the first year all three kids had fun a collected a TON of candy!  Molly woke up at 1 yesterday morning ready to go out and get her candy...luckily she went back to sleep!  All three kids wore Halloween shirts and socks yesterday, and a Halloween bow for our little girl, and looked adorable!  With a very-excited-to-do-his-homework-Kindergartner, homework was a breeze because he knew Trick-or-Treating would start when homework was over (almost wish everyday was Halloween for an easy homework night, oh well!).  Will isn't a huge fan of changing his clothes, wearing long sleeved shirts, hats, you get the picture.  Finding a costume for him was tricky!  Originally he was going to be garbage truck driver, but he didn't want to sit in the cardboard box for me to measure him and start the construction.  Then a construction worker, but he didn't want to wear the plastic hard hat we have and kept throwing the tools.  After hours of scouring the Internet, I found the perfect costume...a candy beggar!  He was perfect too and everyone loved his beard!
We went around most of our little neighborhood, Will walked most of the time and I ended up carrying him and his bucket towards the end and got a nice little arm workout!  The kids had so much fun and loved going to everyone houses, ringing the doorbells and exclaiming, "I got 3 Skittles now!"  One house gave out Capri Suns and Goldfish...they were in heaven!  Another neighbor dressed up as Chewbacha, not a hit with the kids, but he took off his mask and things were all good!  Here are a few pictures of our fun night!

All ready to go Trick-or-Treat!

As much as he didn't like hats or changing his shirt, Will surprisingly didn't mind getting his beard put on!  

After a long night of getting treats, ready for bed in our Halloween pajamas and glow sticks!  

Helping pass out candy!

Our pumpkin family!  The 2 small ones from our trip to Dewberry, Molly's Mummy pumpkin from a preschool party, Jack's painted one and Molly's glitter pumpkin (don't tell Will he didn't decorate one!)

We ran out of candy around 8 and turned off all the lights, watched a little Chiefs football and enjoyed our night...until about 9 when a car parade and swarms of children, teens and adults invaded our neighborhood!  It was crazy how many people were still out looking for candy!  And the number of cars, seriously a ton!  It was fun watching them all, a great end to a fun night!  Hope everyone had a great Halloween!