Monday, October 3, 2011


Our Puggy Bear turns 2 tomorrow!  In honor of his second birthday, and for sometimes being the "forgotten" child, here is a post all about The Pugs!  

*He is ALL boy, when looking up the definition of boy in the dictionary, a picture of him will be there!
*Loves to color all over the table with markers and crayons
*Throws food all over the floor and then eats it off the floor, very rarely completing a meal at the table
*Attracts dirt like magnets attract each other
*Loves to sing "The Wheels on the Bus," "All Aboard the Choo-Choo Train" and "Today is the Day" (a song from VBS a few years ago)
*The worlds biggest and best cuddler...EVER!  We love our cuddle bug!
*Born with black hair and bright blue eyes, and now has blond hair and same bright blue eyes
*Love, love, LOVES all trucks and emergency vehicles, his favorite are:  all trucks that slightly resemble Eric's "Daddy's Truck!"  All trash trucks, "Trash Truck...Mom!"  Buses, "Jack's bus!  Jack's bus!  Hi Jack's bus!"  And fire trucks or any truck with lights and he makes a siren sound at everyone he sees!
*I'm no longer Mommy, but Mom.  "Little Einstein....Mom."  "Milk...Mom."  "That my medicine....Mom."  And yes, there is always a pause before saying Mom.
*When he wakes up he says "Good Morning."  So.  Freaking. Adorable!  Especially after his nap and we're driving to get Molly at preschool, "Good Morning bus!"  As we pass the junior high and high school by our house!
*Loves Milk!  
*Loves water, not only to drink but splash, spray, dump, spill, and jump in.  
*Does not like sweets and in general all food right now except Cheetos, butter tortillas from the grocery store and strawberries, "More strawberries...Mom?"
*Cuddles up at night and nap time with his blanky, Elmo, and cup of water.
*Says, "I love you!"  So sweet!
*Loves to read and dance! 
*There's a Minnie Mouse balloon at our grocery store on the ceiling and he calls it "Hot Dog."  The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is known as hot dog and it took me forever to figure out why he was saying hot dog in the cereal aisle.  
*Is known to pee on the carpet at least once a week.
*Loves to put Lego's in his mouth, open doors (especially Jack's), run after ducks to pet them, bark at dogs, and tip-toe to as close to the street as possible all the while smiling at you!  (We really watch him, I promise and we're responsible too)!  
*He loves to sweep, vacuum, and dust!  
*Asks about 50 times a day if it's time to go to the bus stop or if "Daddy's home?"
*No is used frequently with him...especially "No Molly!"  Usually followed by screaming from one of them!
*Loves trains...reminds me a lot of his big brother!  And he's very possesive of his trains!
*Lays on the carpet playing with his trains and trucks...could play like this for hours!
*Has a tennis ball has his lovely at church or the Y...hey, whatever works, right?!
*Loves to go to the zoo to see all the animals and ride the train, but once he gets close to them,       he may or may not freak out a little...try a lot!  Loves to ride the train though!  
*Every time he sees Christmas lights, he shouts, "Christmas TREES!!"  
*Throws EVERYTHING!  And then laughs!
*Does not like getting a haircut or have his nails trimmed.
*Not a big fan of socks or shoes...especially socks though...and this has been a life struggle!
*Pretends to play the Wii with Jack and gets mad at someone who tries to play with Will's controller
*Has a slight fascination with remote controls, balls, my china cabinet, dvr's, CD players, computers, and our piano keyboard.
*"Aw Man", "Good Morning," (and yes I know I all ready put this phrase in), "Peek-a-boo to you," "Um...." (don't get me started on how cute that is!), "What?!!"  and "Tortilla...Mom?"  are all phrases said frequently by our Will...He really loves those tortillas!
*He's the best little brother anyone could ever ask for!  He LOVES his brother and sister so much and tries to be exactly like them! 
*Has a small crush on Joe, the trashy neighbor across the street from us who has the loudest diesel truck, reconstructs his hot dog stand in his driveway often, and is just a smidge WT...might need a whole 'nother post on this guy!  Whenever Will sees Joe, Will goes, "Hi Joe!"  in the deepest voice, kind of like Joe's!
*Loves to jump, especially off the bottom step of our staircase!
*Not quite sure how we came up with the nickname Puggy Bear, but it's been with him his whole life and he responds to it!  We even have a song that we made up!  
*Wakes up in the morning yelling, "Molly...wake up!  Daddy...wake up!  Mommy (the rare time)....wake up!"  We are usually met in his room by Molly and Will is saying "Good Morning!"  Then, "Milk...Mom?! Up...Mom!  Wet...Mom!"  
*Very laid back until you mess with his trains, trucks or milk...seriously, watch out!
*Not a fan of the shopping cart, not that I blame him, but these carts are so cool now!  A race car with steering wheels, tons of free samples, balloons, stickers, even Buddy Bucks!  And we still start to scream towards to end of our shopping trip, no matter how fast I go or the samples...someday, someday, I tell you!
*Teaching himself how to do somersaults and loves to look upside down at everything!  
*He is such a joy, blessing, and the funniest little kid I've met!  Thank you for being you and so sweet and loving!  We love you Pugs!


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