Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Two weeks of birthdays!

Will and I have birthdays 8 days from each other!  So, we've had two full weeks of celebrating, cake, presents, and fun!  Good thing our next family birthday is in February, mama needs to recover a little!

My birthday came first and my kids were beyond excited, they kept telling me what type of cake we were going to eat (ice cream, yum), what they were going to give me (coffee cups), and where we were going to eat for my birthday (my vote was sushi, they wanted McDonald's)...everyday!  So, I woke up on Monday morning, my birthday, to a VERY EXCITED girl at 5:45 am screaming, "Happy Birthday!!  We got you a coffee cup!"  Such a sweetie!  She went with Eric the day before to pick out my coffee cup and held it in for as long as possible!  When they got back the day before, she told me they got me a puppy and had a huge grin on her face!
The rest of the day was pretty typical, but full of lots of sweet phone calls, Facebook messages, cards, and presents!  Eric and I went to the movies the Saturday before, so we had a little date night to celebrate!  I did get my coffee cup and some cowgirl boots!  So ADORABLE!  We went to McDonald's for the kids and I did get my sushi, yummy, and ice cream cake!  32 has been a great year so far!

One week and a day after my birthday is Wills!  He turned 2 last Tuesday and it was such a great day!  We got him a tricycle, that is a little big for him, and his brother and especially his sister LOVE!  We also got him a toy truck like Eric's with a horse trailer, toy horses and cowboys!  He.  LOVES. IT!!  "My truck!!"  We went to Chick-fil-a for dinner and had birthday cake ice cream from Blue Bell (holy heaven, so good) for dessert.  He doesn't like cookies, cake or sweets, but he loves ice cream!  Maybe because I ate it like twice a day everyday throughout my pregnancy with him.  Totally worth it!  He loved blowing out his  candles!  So precious!  I can't believe my baby is 2!

Yesterday, we had Will's 2nd birthday party!  Jack was out of school, the weather was gorgeous, and it was the perfect day for an outdoor party at the park!  All of our friends from our church groups and play groups came, and the kids played on the play ground, Molly sweet talked everyone into pushing her on the swings (the girl loves to swing), Will slid down the slide a thousand times, and Jack ran around with his friends!  Such joy!  I made a cookie layer cake, which all the kids loved, except one...Will didn't even touch it, oh well!  (Not to pat myself on the back, but it was such a yummy, easy cake to make!  Thanks Pintrist!)  We waited until we got home to open his presents and OMG, the kid is set for life!  He got so many great presents, including a Thomas shirt, more trucks, a microphone (all 3 kids love), fruit snacks (such a treat!), and a personalized Will shirt (adorable!).
Today was his 2 year check-up, and he is so grown up!  He weighs 26 pounds and is 35 3/4 inches tall, which means he's at the 24% for weight and 82% for height!  What?!!  His doctor and I were shocked to hear how tall he was, he used to be higher in weight, meaning he was a little short and fat.  Poor guy!  Not so much now!  Of course he got a shot, but handled it pretty good!  He needed lots of love and cuddles after that though, which I love to give him!  Here are some pictures from all the birthday fun!
Don't mess with the man and his milk...who cares if there are presents, milk comes first!

Loves his truck and horse trailer!  Pretty much where we find him daily!

Sis giving him a ride on his trike!  She sat on it watching shows all morning before preschool!

Blowing out candles!  

Riding on his tricycle!  Love this picture!

Such a happy boy!

Party favors!  Thanks Pintrist!

Heaven!  So yummy!

Blowing out his candles with a few helpers!  

She makes cake look good!  An understatement if you think she liked the cookie cake!

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  1. Love it all! Just can't believe he's TWO already!!! Love, Ms. Lori


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