Friday, October 14, 2011

Thanks for the blankets Grandma!

Yesterday we had a surprise in the mail...homemade blankets from Grandma!  She worked so hard at making them and the kids instantly loved them!  We laid them out, everyone grabbed their pillows, and they all cuddled on the floor together!  Perfect picture time, I thought to myself!  This is what happened instead...

Playing with his truck on his new fire truck blanket!!

Loves her Dora blanket but was hiding it!

A close-up of Jack!

Eating his snack and caught him mid-chew...he kept sharing with us

Starting to wrestle, Jack's covered by Will's least Molly looks sweet!

More wrestling but a good view of Molly's blanket!

"You guys lay next to each other so I can take your picture" and this is what I get!

Love this one!  

Trying to capture the runaway child!

Finally, one with their blankets...the original purpose of this "photo shoot" and love the kiss lips there Molly!
Thanks for the blankets Grandma, we love them!  Can't you tell?!!

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