Sunday, October 30, 2011

A day at the farm!

 A few weeks ago, Molly, Will and I all went to Dewberry Farm, a local pumpkin patch and farm, near our house!  Jack and Eric were busy with school and work, so they were missed and I even thought about pulling Jack out of school (good thing I didn't, he's going with his class in a few weeks!), but they went last year when the 3 of us were sick with the stomach flu...not fun!  We had such a great day with our friends from a moms group I belong to and all of our friends!  Here are some pictures of our fun day!!

Getting ready to ride the tractor!

Picking out the perfect pumpkin!

Feeding the goats!  She loved it!

She loved testing out the perfect spots for pictures!

And she jumped, and jumped, and jumped her little heart out!

Someone who wasn't too fond of jumping, but he's adorable! 

Going down the "rolling slide" with her sweet friend
Ciana!  These girls love each other and had so much fun! 

Such sweet friends!

He was so proud of himself, going up the stairs, getting on the slide and going down all by himself!

Can you tell we were here for awhile?!

"Riding" the calf...he loved it!

"Riding the horsey!"  She loved it too!

She loved going down the slides!  And Farmer Jack helped push her down!  She thought he was the coolest!

Watching Sissy!  He only wanted to go a few times!

We closed the place down after a good 4 hours there!  I wish I got a picture of them together, or riding on the tractor, or even the 3 of us, maybe next time!  Will loved, loved, LOVED the tractor and the farmer who drove it!  Molly loved everything, especially the jumping bags (another great picture to see how big these things were, the girl was in HEAVEN)!  Thanks Dewberry Farm for a wonderful day!

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