Thursday, October 20, 2011

16 Amazing Years!

On October 20, 1995, 16 years ago today, Eric and I met!  We were 16, I was a sophomore and he was a junior in high school, but we went to different schools!  It all started at school that Friday when my  friend Rachael invited me and our friend Leslie to the mall that night.  Rachael called a guy she worked with, and date for the next night to Homecoming at his school, to meet us at the mall.  And to bring friends.  Well, he had to work, but asked if we would see a movie after he got off of work, and yes, he would bring friends.  So, off we went to the mall to help Rachael get ready for Homecoming (I didn't have a date that year, sad!)!  Wait, it get's better and let's back up a moment.  I went over to Rachael's house after school and only had my school uniform and it didn't make sense to go by my house to pick up clothes (I only lived about 3 minutes away, but whatever), so I just borrowed from Rachael.  Awesome!  While we're getting ready, she decides to pluck my then decides to draw on eyebrows with a brown eyeliner pencil.  I looked good (until I looked in the mirror when I got home and just met this super cute guy and realized that I had huge, fake, brown eyebrows).
Let's focus on the story....So, Leslie for some reason couldn't stay for the movie, but we met Rachael's date, Leo and his friends...Wes and his girlfriend and this really cute guy Eric.  We sat around before the movie started and I don't think Eric and I said more then 10 words to each other.  He did pay for my movie (Dead Presidents, and yes we tried to watch again for sentimental reasons and it is a horrible movie!) and we sort of just sat and watched the movie ads.  After the movie, Rachael insisted that Eric drive me home, such the match maker!  So, he did, we realized that we lived 2 blocks away and on the exact same street, destiny, that's for sure, and he asked for my number when we got to my house!  I was so excited and screamed when he called on Sunday (why not call on Saturday, Eric?!) and that's how "we" started!  
Was it the cool car or pager or loud speakers and bases in his car or the fact he went to PUBLIC SCHOOL (the horrors but so cool to this private school girl) or how he dressed pretty cool or the baseball cap always on his head?  No, it was that feeling I had that I knew this was one special, dreamy guy!  I love me some Eric and am so thankful for our life together, for the past 16 years, and for all the years to come!  He's my best friend, my rock and strength, the worlds best husband, FATHER, leader, and our everything!  Love you!  

Now, for some horribly embarrassing pictures of us from over the years...Eric will hate this, but I look back at these and wonder what he was thinking!  Wait, what was he thinking on the first night with my eyebrows?  Seriously.  And sorry about the poor picture quality, this is my first time scanning!

Our 1st dance!  

A trip to apple orchard and a hay rack ride with his were glued into the scrapbook with gorilla glue or something!
A trip to the Alamo in college...1999

A date party in college, around 2000

A trip to Colorado before our wedding (I use to think I looked fat in this picture...not so much!) 2004
Our wedding day, almost 10 years after we met! 2005

And the rest is history!  Love you Eric!

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  1. Love the pics - does Eric know you posted them?! Haha, I think he secretly enjoys that you show people ;)


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