Sunday, September 25, 2011

We'll Flush You

Yesterday, as we were eating an afternoon snack, Jack was tipping back in his chair while eating and sitting on it like he's never been on or seen a chair in his life.  I remember the teachers at school telling us that our heads will crack open and then we would lose our chair the rest of the day and have to stand.  I was petrified, therefore never leaning back in my chair.  Our brave son, not so much!  Finally, after I told him several times to not lean back,  several warnings of losing the chair the rest of the day, and a few close calls, Eric says, "Seriously, listen to your mother, sit in your chair the right way or you could fall and get really hurt."  Such an authority!  Molly looks at Jack with a serious look on her face and adds, "And then you could die and we'll have to flush you."
Needless to say, he listened to her more then us.  I love my kids!

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