Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Fun Weekend with Mr. Mouse!

Ever had one of those weekends when you wish (beg!) to have one extra day or a few more hours?  That was our weekend!  It was super fun, but I got nothing done around the house and now I'm so busy that I decided to give myself a break and update the blog!  Whew!  My life is rough!
The highlight of our weekend was a double date with a fun couple, wait no (but it was so fun, yummy food, great company, and no kids!)  It was Mr. Mouse!  If you've read....

then you know all about Mr. Mouse and his adventures.  If you haven't read this book or any of the books in the series, that's OK!  It's one of our family favorites and we love Mr. Mouse!  Jack's classroom just finished the book and every weekend, one student brings home Mr. Mouse and journals about all the fun they had with Mr. Mouse!
Guess who's weekend it was?!!  Ours!  Mr. Mouse and Jack rode the bus home Friday and both were bouncing with excitement about Mr. Mouses visit!  Of course we had our double date Friday night and didn't think Mr. Mouse would like sushi, so he stayed home and slept with Jack on the top bunk!  But, we had big plans for the other two days!  Saturday began with Kindermusik!  I started teaching one Saturday morning a month and Jack and Mr. Mouse and Molly insisted on joining me!  Eric only had one child and they washed the truck, a win-win for everyone!
Jack, Mr. Mouse and Molly playing the drum!  
After lunch and naps, we headed to the zoo as a family, where we first rode the train....

We love the train!

Some serious train riders in the group!

With the engine named after Dr. Jack...he loved seeing his name on the engine!
Love this picture of her! She's so pretty, calm and peaceful!
And once inside the zoo, we visited all the favorite animals, watched as an elephant gave himself a bath, and crawled through the aquarium tunnel!  It wasn't too crowded and apparently we're all use to the heat because 100 degrees was pretty comfortable in the shade.

 Sunday was full of church, football and fishing!  After naps, we grabbed our fishing gear, hot dogs (bait of choice around here), and Mr. Mouse!
The little guy learning tips from the big brother while Mr. Mouse looks on for the perfect fishing spot

And now the little brother is bored, so he tried to eat the hot dogs and  pet the ducks!

Friends for life!

Both very serious about catching a fish!

Finally...with the help of daddy!  Go job boys!

So sweet!  Love this one!
We had a great and exhausting weekend with Mr. Mouse, but we loved every minute of his visit!  Can't wait to hear about Jack telling his class all about his fun weekend!


  1. I LOVE the picture of him fishing with the mouse! How cute!!!

  2. What a great group of pictures, Liz!! The one of Jack and mouse walking is so sweet and my goodness! Molly looks like an angel in the one up sweet! And Will is such a little boy! What a perfect family;)!


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