Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One of the BEST weeks EVER!

I love fall for several reasons and mainly because of this week!  Not only is the weather cooler, hey, it's only 94 today, but the leaves are changing, in certain parts of the country, not here, and I can actually imagine wearing my cute fall clothes (or the cute ones I see on Pintrist) in the next few weeks, like in mid-October.  It's also the week before my birthday and Will's birthday, so there is excitement for the 2 year old birthday party (mainly from myself and the older 2 kids) and who doesn't love birthdays when your kids are so excited?  Jack and Molly want to get me a sushi cake and coffee mugs.  Love, right there.  Now, the main reason I love this week is....TV premiere week!  YES!  We mainly watch reality TV that is always on and documentaries on all the boring guy channels, but we also like scripted shows!

We have been fans of Two and a Half Men for years, so we have followed the Charlie Sheen drama closely and were very excited to see Ashton's debut.  Yes, he is so yummy!

We watched 2 Broke Girls and it was good.  We'll see.  Of course on Mondays, we record... 

Which only Eric watches (it really hasn't changed that much in the like 10 years and all the bikes look exactly the same), and we also record....
which is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  LOVE THIS SHOW!  Truly one of my favorites of all the Housewives, love IT!!
I love Biggest Loser but I usually record it, watch the first few minutes and fast forward to the weigh-in, and then again to see who gets eliminated and where they are now.
I am a little embarrassed to admit the next two shows....
Stop judging me!  
We also watch Deadliest Catch in the spring.  Thank goodness that one really starts when all the others end.  Whew! 
One of the best shows EVER!  Love it!  
I'm also going to record Up All Night, we'll see, looks funny!  Eric records Sons of Guns, he loves it!
BEST NIGHT EVER!  Where do we begin?!  
Love Michael Scott, love Jim and Pam, love The Office!  I will miss Michael, he was the boss you love to hate, but I mainly loved him!
Shut up!  Stop judging!  Usually a Real Housewives is on plus Watch What Happens Live, but right now, not on Thursdays.  
We don't have any shows on Friday, so we just catch up on shows.
We only record one show, which is my new love in life....
Sigh, love her and her new show!  
The craziest, most shows recorded night we have!  Why?!  It's insane the number of shows we record and wish we could record, plus the ones we actually watch.  Did I mention we can only record one show at a time on our dvr?  One.  What, we're cheap.
Usually Sundays is go to church, get jobs done around the house, mow the lawn, and family dinner night in the dining room, type of day.  Whew, exhausting!  
First, Amazing Race.  Love it!
Second, Real Housewives of New Jersey..
My other favorite of the Real Housewives, love them!  Love them!  Teresa, get over yourself!  Melissa, welcome!  Caroline, adopt me!  
Top Gear, Eric has introduced me to this one and I have no idea about cars!  But love it and such a funny show!  And Tanner is super cute (the one in the middle).
I really want to watch The Good Wife, used to and loved it, but dvr issues.  
We also have Big Brother on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights during the summer and that just ended and then all The Real Housewives, Top Chef, Swamp People, Bethenny Ever After, Kidnap and Rescue, Pregnant in Heels, and Tool Academy.  You get extra points if you match Eric and mine shows correctly.  
**NOTE:  This appears like we watch a lot of TV, it's mainly recorded shows that stay on the dvr forever or I watch a show while folding laundry.  I did not include the kids show we also record, Dora, Dinosaur Train, Little Einsteins, and movies shown on Disney Junior.  Awesome!
Any shows you recommend?  Maybe I can fit it in my dvr.


  1. No judging here--our DVR looks about the same way! :)I'm kind of obsessed with Toddlers and Tiaras (terrible, I know) and I started watching Most Eligible Dallas too. Happy early birthday!

  2. Don't feel cheap. I don't even have a DVR.

  3. Um, confession: I had to make an excel sheet of all of the new fall shows I wanted to DVR so that I wouldn't forget anything. B tried to tell me it was too much, but I think we know who won that arguement ;) Also, couldn't have said it about the NJHW myself - LOVE the Manzos!!

  4. YES to Jersey and BH Housewives!!!!


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