Thursday, September 8, 2011

Molly's 1st Day of Preschool!

Our sweet girl is now a preschooler and she couldn't be more excited!  She woke up Tuesday morning ready to go to school and kept asking when we could leave...starting at 6:30 and ending when we got in the car at 8:40!  

She walked right into her classroom, put her backpack away, and started playing!  She has talked nonstop about the dollhouse and baby dolls, and that's what she was playing with when we left!  Of course, no tears from her, just a good-bye!  My tears came in the parking lot....which is really good for me!  Maybe by the time Will begins school I'll make it to the car before I cry!  I think I was the only parent crying, everyone else looked so happy!  

When I picked her up at 2:30, she was happy, talkative and asked when she could go back!  I told her Thursday, so two days, and she asked if that meant she was going to Kindergarten tomorrow!  LOVE my girl!  We went to Sonic to get 1st day of school cherry limeades and I realized that she only ate her strawberries in her lunch, told me to buy fruit snacks for her lunch, and she has a new friend Bella!  The only other girl in her class!  Whew, thank goodness!  Overall, a great day and she was ready to go back!
A pretty girl getting ready to leave for school!

Showing us her backpack!  I just love this picture!  

Loves her nap mat!  She is so proud!

Walking into school!  

No worries, Daddy had the nap mat!

So excited to play with the doll house....and looks like someone didn't get the memo that this was Molly's preschool class, not his!  Maybe next year little buddy!

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