Monday, August 1, 2011

A tale of two brunches

Last Sunday, July 24, I had a wonderful brunch with some fun, young, Houston bloggers!  It was at a cool, trendy place, Max's Wine Dive.  So. Gosh. Darn. Delicious!  One word:  Mimosas!  I had the Eggs Benedict...but there were so many yummy options like...

Red Velvet Pancakes and...
Creme Brulee French Toast...yum!  (And yes, I had to google how to spell Creme Brulee)

Girls at the table I didn't sit at...but all super nice!
Brynn, Celia, Savanah,  Michelle,  (and love her blog!), Breanne, Jennifer, Megan, and  Lauren, the only person I knew!

 My table, which had zero pictures of the group, had so much fun talking, eating, and drinking!  But consisted of Meg, Amy, Emily, Katie, Laura, and Amanda. After reading through the blogs, I am so inspired and excited to find time and get mine up a notch!   I did feel a bit elderly compared to all the young, single,engaged, newly married, married with no children, pregnant with 1st child, and only has one child  group, but it was still fun and I had a great time!

Now, let's compare my lovely brunch to the family lunch we had yesterday.  My family and I went to Chili's after church, and we split the bottomless chips and salsa, and the three item sampler.  Nice.  I also ordered a cup of soup so I wouldn't eat everything.  The food was decent, but it was the people at the table that made the lunch.  I had the toddler who REFUSED to sit in the high chair, so I opted to have him sit with me on my side of the booth.  He did great, eating his food, dipping every chip into the salsa, drank his milk and ate some chicken.  Then, while I was attempting to eat my soup, he sat next to me and started saying hi to every single person in the restaurant.  No one was missed.  On Eric's side, he had the 5 year old who was insistent on ordering pizza, which he didn't touch last time, and refused to eat anything we ordered but inhaled everything we ordered.  Our sweet little girl spotted suckers by the hostess stand and begged for one the entire time (when she got one and ate once we got home, she had about 3 licks and threw it away, really?!).  Not quite the same tranquility, nice conversation, or food, but I love my family and wouldn't trade them for anything!  But, I'm excited for the next get together girls!

*Pictures courtesy of Meg and Megan!  Thanks girls!


  1. Aww, you shouldn't feel elderly - hell, I'm not far behind you!


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