Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!

The five of us went to the grocery store the other night and I have to share a really cute Molly story!  I usually go during the day to the store, but that night after dinner Eric was like, let's just all go together.  Yuck!  We always spend way too much because someone (Eric) insists on getting all the things I don't ever get!  We also went to a store I only go to when I have coupons and there are good sale prices, because everything else is way overpriced!  For some reason I agree, we set off together.  So, the five us head down each aisle, I'm with my cart, Will and the list, Eric is with another cart, Molly and Jack, and they are in front of us.  Every few feet they stop, have a discussion, look at me, and Eric gives Jack something to put in the cart with him.  After a few aisles, I have 5 things in my cart and Eric's cart is full, with Jack buried under piles of food.  As I'm putting stuff away from their cart (really, how many bags of donuts, cookies, and chips does one family need?), an Asian family is next to Eric's cart.  They are speaking in their native tongue to each other, and Molly looks at them and with the most serious, cute face, and goes, "Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!"  They look at her a little surprised and then continue on with their shopping.  She WAS NOT making fun of them, she is just so innocent!  Eric said he hadn't laughed that hard in forever and she says, "why they talk like that?  I can talk like that.  See, Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!"  All Eric could do was laugh!  I love kids and these are the memories I want to always remember!  And I promise, she is 3 and we are NOT making fun of anyone, just laughing at her innocence!!  Sorry if we offended you!

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  1. What a sweet story!! Kids say the darnedest things!


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