Monday, August 8, 2011

First Sleepover

Last week, Jack had his first friend EVER spend the night!  Our friends the Kings moved to Virginia last summer and we have missed them all since they have moved!  They came back last Christmas and are here for the next 2 weeks and we love having them back!  Jeremy and Jack were instant friends when we moved here, and Molly and Jenna were just starting to play together when they moved, but we love her too!  

Pretty much the boys played Wii the entire time and everyone wanted to sit by Jeremy, well, Molly made sure she was right next to him.  I was a little nervous about the boys going to sleep, but they did after several trips to the bathroom and switching between the two bunk beds a few times!  

Of course, everyone was awake by 6:30 the next morning and the Wii was turned right after are some pictures of the fun sleepover!  

Everyone joining the fun!

The boys super into their game!

Relaxing after a rough morning of eating and watching TV

Trying to be like the big boys!

Hard core gaming skills right there!

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