Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Busy Lady

So, we're finally getting into our school routine and counting down the days to Christmas break (maybe Thanksgiving break)!  Jack came home last week and asked when Summer vacation started....hmm...about 9 months!  Despite all of this, Jack is loving school, has come home daily with greens for his behavior chart (which is the color that means excellent!!) and two days, came home with teal (double excellent, role model for students, wonderful, I could go on...).  Very proud!

But since the bus arrives at 7:40 and Molly's preschool doesn't begin until 9, and ends at 2:30, then his bus doesn't arrive until almost 4....I have a few hours on my hands where I know I am almost kid free and need to get stuff done.  And mama is motivated!

Here's what I've been doing...
*Organized our Tupperware cabinet (some of the most rewarding 10 minutes of my life!)
*Started a Home Management Binder...that's right!  I did!  More about that later!
*Organized our coat closest... where I found 1.  a table leaf  2.  3 cases of water bottles (it IS hurricane season)  3.  Our diploma frames  4.  Extensions to our carpet shampooer (which broke and was thrown out months ago)  5.  Bungee cords  6.  A million shoes (and they smell, need a better place for our shoe basket)  7.  Tons of scarves, mittens, gloves, hats, and coats....good thing the average high for the year (yes, year) in Houston is 75 (eBay?!  Really?  Why do I have 3 ski jackets?!)
*Cleaned the kids closets  (Molly was wearing 18-24 month clothes all summer and she's 3 1/2)
*Cleaned the laundry room (another rewarding time of my life)
*Made a freezer inventory (for the Food Binder) (And yes I know I sound like a nerd)
*Used my label maker way too much!
*Did the general cleaning and maintaining of our house

What, you ask, did you do with your life before the children began school?  Well, during nap time, I used to pass out, read blogs, or veg...because I was exhausted from being the tour guide, entertainment, chauffeur, personal chef, waitress, maid, you know the EVERYTHING!!  Well, I'm still all of those things but now we have more structure and schedule and limited time!  We have a schedule to maintain people!  LOVE IT!!

Next up:
*Clean our office, as in organize, file, deep clean, make Martha happy organization!
*Do a better job of meal planning
*Getting ready for our neighborhood garage sale in October, I mean business too!  Toys, clothes, STUFF!  OUT OF HERE!

Would love to hear how you use your precious time and get your house in order!

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  1. That's awesome girl! You might have to let me know about that garage sale. I'm always looking for toddler "stuff!"


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