Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Day of Kindergarten!

Yep, Jack started Kindergarten this morning!  He was a bowl full of excitement, nerves, and anticipation!  He hardly ate any breakfast, something I did every 1st day of school through high school and kept   making sure we had enough time to get to school without being late!  No worries, we left the house in plenty of time and arrived at school 30 minutes before the bell rang!  Luckily, by the time we parked, walked about 1/2 mile and waited for the doors to open, we were right on time!  When the doors opened, we walked him to his room and helped get him settled into his spot!  After taking a few pictures and on the verge of really losing it, we kissed him good-bye, told him we loved him and how proud we were of him, and left...I actually made it to the school doors before I LOST IT!  Jack was fine, not so much over here!  I'm just so proud of him and shocked that we have a Kindergartner!

Our Kindergartner!!

Showing off his new shoes and fully loaded backpack!

Trying to get one of the 3 of them!  Not an easy task!

So proud of my big boy!

With his Kindergarten Teacher!

Busy working and embarrassed by all the pictures or the mother who didn't want to leave!

I am so excited for the bus to arrive at keep busy today, we've gone to play group, destroyed our playroom, ate lunch, folded laundry, baked a cake and sorted through out grown clothes...and it's only 1:40!  Come on 3:57, I'm ready to hear all about the 1st day!


  1. Aww you're too cute Liz! I'm sure he had a great first day but missed his mama!!

  2. How adorable! glad he had a great day!


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