Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Teaching and Learning

As a family, we've been trying to get Will to talk more and more!  Especially when he has two older siblings that like to make up words (great for language development and reading skills) like "Shake and Shunk" for "Steak and Shake."
The other night, Eric took Molly while the boys stayed home with me.  They head upstairs while I finish cleaning up dinner and I heard Jack give Will a language lesson.  "Will, say ball," "Ball."  "Will, say Jack,"  "Jack."  "Say, choo-choo, dog, truck, Sissy (Molly), trash truck, hot dog..." and so on and with each word you hear Will's sweet little voice.  Then, I hear Jack go, "Will, say spit!"  Followed by spitting sounds and two little boys laughing hysterically!  I go up there a few spits later, and find Will covered in spit and both have two huge smiles!  Jack says, "Mommy, I'm teaching Will to talk!  Will, say spit!"  And Will spits all over himself, laughs with Jack and looks at me proudly!  "Will! Are you spitting?!"  I asked him and he replies, "uh-uh" (his way of saying no) and shakes his head no!  Really?  Lying to your mother and spitting when not brushing your teeth?!  Oh, I love my boys!

Love them so much!

Had to add one of my favorite little girl!  We love our Sissy!  This isn't the actual cake eating contest night, but from a night around her birthday and she's eating one of her birthday cupcakes!  I love her!

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  1. That is a adorable story! It was great meeting you on Sunday :)


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