Sunday, July 10, 2011

A tad behind

On many things...finishing painting our dining room (seriously, just take down the blinds and the windows will be done in an instant...Eric!), folding laundry, organizing our downstairs closest (can we fit anything else in there?!), and obviously my blog posts!  Sorry!  So much fun and exciting things have happened in the past few weeks and we've been having a blast enjoying everything, or I'm too exhausted to update the blog!  That will change, I promise!  Here is what you get to look forward to....
1.  Molly and Jack's trip to San Antonio with Grandma and our 1 child weekend with Will, seriously so easy with 1 kid!
2.  Our trip to New Orleans!  Amazing!
3.  4th of July, my favorite holiday!
4.  Updates and fun stories about the kids!  We are doing date nights with our kids and Molly and I went to the pool together today!  We had so much fun talking and hanging out!  She is so fun, sweet, and loving!  I want to be her mother first, but I look forward to our friendship too!  I'm one lucky mommy!
5.  More baking from Liz...why?!!  I really just need to stop and can't!

You can stop going through withdrawal from not knowing what is happening with The Brew Crew!

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