Monday, July 18, 2011

Purse Game

Last Tuesday night, I was at our church bible study and while meeting in our small groups, my purse tipped over and contents fell out.  The nice lady next to me eyes bugged out and she went, "wow, that's a lot of stuff!"  Looking down and then looking all over the group, I realize 1.)  I have by far the largest purse  2.)  Yes, there was a lot of stuff!  How embarrassing!  She then went on to say, "If the world was ending, I want to be with you!  What a prepared mommy you are!"  Awesome!  So, in honor of my huge, world ending purse, I wanted to  play the purse game.  You know the game you play to see how has the most random stuff in their purse, not including your wallet, cellphone, keys but key chains are acceptable.  Here we go:

1.  A Kindermusik On the Go~a booklet of songs for when the kids and I are at the doctor's office, dentist, a long line at Wal-Mart (seriously, open one more lane!)
2.  A kazoo
3.  Friends garage door opener
4.  A Paper Fan
5.  Sunscreen
6.  Play-doo
7.  1st aid kit (mini)
8.  Small traveling kit (which my kids love to play in, why?!)  that contains deodorant, tampons, and more band-aids
9.  3 trains
10.  Train whistle
11.  Baby wipes
12.  Diapers
13.  A mini magna-doodle
14.  Coupon accordion with thousands of coupons falling out (I'm not the most organized)
15.  Sunglasses~mine, purple Tinkerbell, Thomas the Train (Will's), and Car's (Jacks)

Random?  Yes!  Survival at the end of the world?  Most likely not!  Well, maybe for a few hours!


  1. You do have a lot of stuff! I just have a few (hundred) matchbox cars in mine, but little toys always make there way into it.

    I'm following you from the Houston group, can't wait to meet you Sunday!


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  3. Okay, so I think everyone needs a kazoo in their purse now after reading this.

    Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow! (sorry, my first comment messed up so trying again) -Meg


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