Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Orleans!!!

Eric and I went our first adult-only vacation in four years the last week of June and went to New Orleans!  We had such a great time in the short time we were there and LOVED the Big Easy!  Here is a summary of our days  there:
Monday, June 27th
We left for the airport at 6 am and I was a little sad that the kids would be asleep when we left!  Never fear, Will woke up before we left and I got in some last minute cuddles!  
Did the usual airport stuff, hear Eric moan about how we didn't have an ipad 2 or how this would be the perfect time to have an ipad 2.  
Got on the plane, took a picture of us in our seat and Eric was so embarrassed, he'll live!
Arrived in New Orleans at 9am, love the short flight!  Found our luggage, shuttle, and headed to the hotel!  After a few stops at other hotels, we made it, checked in and looked at each with eager anticipation and it was only 10 in the morning!  
The 1st obvious stop was Bourbon Street, only a block away!  We walked up and down it, got rained on a bit and headed over to Jackson Square!  
Ate lunch, which we shared a Louisiana Lemonade, a muffuletta (yummy), and a super delicious dessert that I forget what it was, but yummy anyways!  Then, nap time!
After our long naps, we headed to Pat O'Briens for hurricane, watched some Wimbledon, and waited for another storm to pass!  So much fun!  Then we went to a karaoke bar and listened to people sing their little hearts out!  Since it was happy hour, we enjoy 3 for 1 beers, what a price!  So good!  Eric decided he was hungry and we went to a small bar in the French Market and had wings and beer!  Eventually, we headed back to Bourbon Street, found a bar with a balcony over the street and people watched while drinking a few more beers and snacked on friend pickles.  After a long day of eating, drinking and walking, we headed back to the hotel and slept so peacefully!  
Side note: Our room was thisclosetotheelevator (Like, shared a wall with it) and heard the ding of the elevator every time the elevator arrived and I was a little nervous about not sleeping!  My sleep is precious and I NEVER sleep in!  No need to stress, just turn on the bathroom fan and presto!  An instant noise blocker!  Slept like I did before we had kids!
Tuesday, June 28th:
Woke up, showered, and enjoyed breakfast at our hotel, which was FREE!  Yay!
Went to the Steamboat Natchez and waited in line for the 11:30 tour!  It was a great little tour of New Orleans from the Mississippi!  I grew up along the Mississippi River when we lived in Davenport, actually could see it from our house and loved hearing the riverboats and barges going up and down daily!  Well, along the steamboat tour in New Orleans, we saw a ton of barges and it brought back so many memories of my childhood!  A good time for sure!  

Afterwards, we were starving, of course!  We went to Cafe Beignet and it was FABULOUS!  I had the jambalaya and Eric had the shrimp poboy!  Of course we had beignet's afterwards and heaven!  Everything was heaven!  
Nap time!
Happy Hour!  3 for 1 beers again at our karaoke bar!  Love it!  Dinner at another cafe and I had the red beans and rice while Eric had something else....can't remember!  All the meals are blending together, I just remember he had a salad with a ton of tomatoes and I love tomatoes!  
Back to Bourbon Street, went to Howl at the Moon and I was so disappointed!  I had so much fun at the other's I've been to around the country (Kansas City and San Antonio, really a world class traveler) and New Orleans disappointed!  So, then we went to a hotel that has a carousel and it was so cute, but crowded, like no seats in the entire bar!  Oh well!  So, we're walking around and we found a jazz club that was SO MUCH FUN!  A jazz band was playing and we just relaxed and enjoyed the music and drinks!  Best HURRICANES EVER!!  If you ever visit New Orleans, visit Fritzel's!!!  So much fun and we were there for a long time!  
Wednesday, June 29th:
Woke up, laid in bed watching TV (miss that, no TV in our room anymore), and finally showered, dressed and went to breakfast.  It ended at 10 and I think we walked in at 9:57.  Seriously but we had plenty of food and it was yummy!  
Went to over to Canal Street, walked along the Mississippi and walked back along Royal Street.  One of my favorite streets ever!  So cute!  So many cute shops, galleries, and restaurants!  LOVE it!  
Hungry, so went to a brewery and had yummy edamame and sliders and fries, an odd combo but so good!  Along with a cold Dr. Pepper!  
We then went a horse carriage tour from Jackson Square with a cute, charming couple from England!  They were so excited to hear that we were from Texas because they were heading our way in a few days in search of Willie Nelson!  They even asked if we had seen him.  No, Texas is a little big!  
After the tour, we went to Lafitte's Blacksmith Bar, an old bar with no electricity and all the celebs visit.  Sadly, no Brad Pitt, I checked, but Nicholas Cage was there a few weeks ago and got arrested for public intoxication when he couldn't find his house.  The random facts you learn!
Then, we had to have a few more beignet's and went to Cafe du Monde, delicious!  So yummy!  I can only imagine my kids eating them and listening to the jazz band playing next to us!  Jack loving the tubas and Molly and Will loving all the powdered sugar!    
We then walked back to our hotel and waited for our shuttle!  Along the way, we saw the fun places we had visited and enjoyed the sights along Bourbon Street, not the smell though!  100 degrees and trash don't mix well!  
It was pretty uneventful on our way to the airport and home, we made the best of our last few quiet hours together.  Of course we planned our next trip as a family and just as a couple, hope it doesn't take another 4 years!  We also want to thank Grandma Marsha!  The kids loved every second with her and all the Sprite, skittles, and Lucky Charms, plus eating out all the time!  I'm so excited to go back!


  1. Wow! What a fun trip!! Y'all are awesome!!

  2. Maybe next time you should drop the kids off with their Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Ryan.

  3. Oh Rebecca, I love your thinking! And Andrew and Allison, I think your trip sounds a tad bit more wonderful then ours! But we still had fun!


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