Thursday, June 23, 2011

A summary

A lot has been going on but not enough for an individual post for each I'm combining!  Resourceful, practical and time saving!  Genius!

1.  Boppi and Mema came to visit!  We visited the Zoo, Children's Museum, Jack's T-ball game, Kindermusik class and Memorial City Mall!  We also ate breakfast at their hotel, which was right next to I-10 and the kids LOVED looking out their hotel window watching the trucks and cars zoom by!  They were here to celebrate Eric's 32nd birthday, so they treated us to Taste of Texas (and yum, even if you're not a steak person, and I'm not, but take my advice and eat the fillet, it was heaven in every bite!).  For some reason, I have zero pictures of their visit, but we had so much fun!
2.  We joined the Y!  It's so great going their, getting my saggy bottom whipped back into shape, and taking some time for me!  Love it!  My goal is to go from this:
And no, this isn't me, but we've all been there!
To This:

No?  We'll see!
3.  We went to VBS last week!  By we,  I mean Jack, Molly, Will and myself!  I taught a 4 and 5 year old class, the Teapots, Jack was in the Goldfish class, Molly was in the Firecrackers, and Will was in the nursery, but he still had fun!  It was a great week with a lot of fun songs and dances, and a wonderful message about God!
We're so excited for our first day of VBS!!

4.  I went to The Top Chef:  The Tour!!  It was so super fun and right by our house and wait for it....FREE!!! We met 2 cheftestants (love it) and sampled some wonderful food!  Then, we got pictures taken with them and got to meet them!  Nerdy, screaming, jumping up and down moment from Liz!
Chef Tiffany from Season 7 and All Stars!

Chef Kelly from Season 7!  Loved her food!


Not a stalker, I promise!
 5.  We decided to start having date nights with our kids, where one parent and one kid go on a little date!  Last night, Molly and Daddy went to "The Cookie Store," where Molly was treated to a sprite and cookie!  Yum!  They then went to HEB and Eric bought her flowers, heart melting!  We're two lucky ladies!

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