Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The kids have been waking up super early their entire lives...sleeping in now is 6:30, sad!  Saturday morning, I woke up with the kids and Eric slept in, he's deathly ill with a cold.  Around 8, he woke up and said I should go back to bed, which I happily did until almost 11!  Thanks Eric!  Well, when I woke up, Eric was standing next to me and told me not to get mad when I go upstairs.  Not the best way to wake up!  Well, I go upstairs and was met with this...

Well, not really snow but couch stuffing from the 2 large pillows on our couch! Awesome!  The kids took all the stuffing out of the pillows and made our playroom look like a huge blizzard hit our house!  Where, might you ask, was Eric during all of this?  Asleep on the couch in the playroom, hence the pillows on the floor.  He woke to Molly covering him with a blanket, a new white one!  Lucky me, the kids and Eric cleaned everything up and even took pictures to show the world!  You can see those on Facebook!  Never a dull moment here!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bunk Beds!!

Last month was crazy busy and I'm a tad behind on posts...sorry!  So, we're going back about 6 weeks to an exciting event that took place in our life...Jack got bunk beds!!!  Yes!!  Poor guy has slept with his bed and box spring on the floor since he was 18 months old when we moved him out of his crib in preparing for Molly's arrival a few months later.  Since about the age of 2, he's been begging, pleading and jumping for joy every time he sees a bunk bed.  Furniture stores, friends houses, talking to the grandparents on the phone, he would get all excited and either climb up the bunk bed (if we are at the store or friends house with bunks) or tell the grandparents (aunts, uncles, strangers on the street) about how he needed bunk beds.  We visited so many furniture stores and had sticker shock (really, over $2000 for a bed a 2 year old would sleep on...really?).  Then, I learned about Craigslist (and realized it wasn't totally full of stalkers) and found tons of great deals on bunk beds!  Score! call someone and... a.)  it's sold all ready (darn)  b.)  they never call back  c.)    they don't budge on the price (might as well buy brand new with the price you want to sell USED furniture for!!!)   d.)  they live in Humble and don't put it in the ad
So...we learned, got frustrated and annoyed, had several ups and downs, and looked daily on the website to finally find "The One" on a lovely Sunday morning in early April.  The day before, we had to give Will's changing table back to my friend Kami, who let us borrow their changing table for a year and a half (thanks Kami!) and we used it as his dresser, so I was actually looking for a dresser when I came across a bedroom set!!!  Bunk beds, dresser and a night stand!!!!  I ran to the phone, called, and told the guy we would be there as soon as possible!  Forget church (love you God!), we got directions to Pearland and made the trek with the kids in tow!  About an hour later, we get to the lovely sellers house and the couple was very sweet and odd at the same time!  They were selling the furniture because their daughters were going to college (sweet) and wanted  to move their birds into a spare bedroom (odd).  We had to leave to rent a trailer (Eric wanted to buy a trailer, but realized he should research better (Thank GOD!!  What would we do with a trailer?!!)) and loaded everything back at the house.  I was on door duty because the sellers didn't want their birds to fly out the front door and seriously she yelled every time the door opened, "Watch the birds, don't let them out!!!"  But, as we were leaving, she offered us some hamster cages because "that phase is just around the corner and then you'll blink and be like us with your children moving out."  No thank you to the cages and please don't let us turn into crazy bird people, turning a room into a bird room, um no!
An hour later, we're back in Katy and cleaning up the furniture!  It wasn't in mint condition, I had to clean off old sticker glue which wasn't horrible and just wanted to make sure it was clean!  Eric has his hands full with the dresser because they had fish tanks (of course) on top of it and the dresser needs to be refinished.  Hope he gets to work on that soon (hint,'s been 6 weeks and Wills closest is overflowing!)  By the time nap time was over, all 3 kids were happily hanging out on the top bunk!  We moved the night stand into Will's room and all the furniture, bunk beds, dresser and night stand, are all the same color and brand!  Awesome!  Jack sleeps on the top bunk every night, Molly begs to sleep on the bottom bunk every night and has a few times!  Will climbs the ladder as much as possible, so now we have to keep Jack's room closed (Will also likes to eat Lego's too, so Jack's room is a little hazardous).  Love seeing our kids so happy!

                                 We love Jack's new bunk bed!
                                Look at how happy we are!

                                              My sweet boys!
                                           My adorable little girl!
                                              Hanging on the top bunk!