Saturday, April 2, 2011

Workin' it!

So, yeah, I'm a working mom now!  That's right!  Nothing full-time, but enough to feel as though it could be full-time!  No, not talking about my wife and mommy duties, but I've added to the list as a Kindermusik Teacher! Yea!!  Let me start at the beginning...
Last August, the kids and I went to a free demo I heard about from my friend Kristi that is always in the know of things.  So, we went and had so much fun, but all of Ms. Kathy's classes were full.  Bummer!  Ding, ding, ding!  I had the idea of inviting Ms. Kathy of Kindermusik with Kathy and Friends to be a guest speaker at a mom's group I was Fall Programmer for the Fall of 2010!  She said yes and she said she would keep me posted on future play dates and events!  Come October when Ms. Kathy came to the mom's group, with two of my kids in tow, we had another fun day of music, playing, and singing!  So fun!  Afterwards, while I was thanking Ms. Kathy, I mentioned that if she ever needed help, I would be VERY interested!  Because I was!  My degree is in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education, love teaching and having fun while doing it, and I sorta, kinda was looking for a little part-time gig but didn't know what to do.  She said she was interested in some extra help and we met for lunch the following week and pretty much the rest is history!
I've helped with the Holiday Party, classes, play groups, and even hosted some birthday parties!  Last week, we hosted a fundraiser for the Katy Kidney Beans which was so much fun!  And we have Monday's with Mommy every month at La Centerra, a summer class taught by me (super cheers), and play dates!  The best part...I can bring my kids and they LOVE IT!!!
My kids are usually pretty shy away from home (very much like both of their parents), until they feel comfortable (ditto) and then they blossom into the loud, not shy children we know and love (that's us)!  We have Kindermusik class every Wednesday, while Jack is in school (he helps on days he's out of school, so he's not deprived if you were worried), and Molly and Will hardly ever smile, let alone look as though they are having fun.  They participate, Will loves to clean up the best, and Molly is so shy!  Slowly, we are seeing her come out of her shell, which is crazy!  She's is the opposite at home.  After class, she's singing the songs and doing the actions to each song in the car home, and then she plays Kindermusik all day with her baby dolls, Jack and Eric.  She gets out her drum to do the hello song and dances with her scarves and then uses the egg shakers for another song, so freaking cute!  Class, Nada!  Ms. Kathy told that Kindermusik is 90% at home and only 10% class participation, which Molly can testify.
Cute Will story and then I'm done, promise!  I just love sharing how great this opportunity is for our family!  So, we're all playing Kindermusik the other night except Will, who's playing with trains.  We get out the drum and start doing the hello song when Will throws down his trains (which NEVER happens), sits down next to me and waits his turn for the drum.  When it's his turn, he bangs on the drum and does our whole welcome song and holds his hand up to give me a high five!  Which is what we do in class with Ms. Kathy!  SO CUTE!!  My almost 18 month old knows the routine and wanted to participate away from his trains!  One happy mommy here!
I'm so excited for what the future will hold with Kindermusik and love having Kathy in my families life!  I also love that I can work and be at home without selling anything, snaps for me!  So, be prepared to hear a lot more fun stories!!

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  1. Love your blog, Liz! I didn't know you were a Kindermusik teacher! That sounds like so much fun. We checked out a Kindermusik class when Finn was about 12 months, but haven't gotten back to it. Sounds like a great fit for you and your family!


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