Thursday, April 14, 2011


Will has a new "thing" he likes to do and it's ADORABLE!  Whenever he wants something, he raises his hand and says "ME!"  In his cheerful, lovable voice!  I love it and here are somethings he "Me's!" about...

Who wants to take a bath (or shower)?  Me!  And raising his hand
I need to get some more milk...Me!  With the hand
Let's go get the mail...Me!  Hand in the air!
Who has a black eye?  Me!
Who has been wearing Dora band-aids the past few days?  Me!  (We ran out of Toy Story)
Who loves to jump on Jack's new bunk bed, especially the top bunk?  Me!  (Another post, sometime soon!)
Go and find Molly... Me!  Running to go and find her and raising his hand
Go get your blanket for night-night...Me!
Where's Will?  Me!  And standing on the dining room chairs, playing with Jack's Lego's, our current Lego table
Did you clean up your breakfast Jack or Molly or sometimes Mommy or Daddy?  Me!  And Will is sitting on the kitchen table eating our breakfasts (This only happens at breakfast too, maybe because it takes about 2 hours for us to eat)
Let's get shoes on...Me!  Running to get his shoe out of the basket.  Yes, I put shoe and not shoes because he will only get one shoe out.
Who only wears one shoe?  Me!  The right shoe is rarely on his foot, it baffles me at times too.
Who was asked at his 18 month check up if he was showing any interest in potty training?  Me!  Really, he peed on the floor last night after his bath, so there are zero signs of potty training.
Who loves our Puggy Bear the most?  US!!  Hands in the air, like we really do care...(not sure where that came from but I know some song)

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