Friday, April 22, 2011

It could be worse

The bumps have taken over our house...again!  No, it's not the chicken pox but hand, foot and mouth!  It started last weekend when Will had a super high fever but was also teething.  Monday morning, bumps were all over his feet and bottom, poor little guy!  Jack's bumps appeared Wednesday and Molly's the next day.  Jack also might have wort's on his knees, yeah, not quite sure how that happened!  When we went to the doctor the other day, the doctor put it quite clearly about this little inconvenience by saying "It could be worse."  So true!  Many worse things could happen to our children and so a few days home, watching movies (love Tangled!), dyeing Easter Eggs, and painting our dining room...wait, that's my plan!  
Speaking of which....I need help!  I think I've decided the paint color but would love opinions!  It's about 50/50 on the votes and I can be a little indecisive!  Choose between Bosc Pear or Restrained Gold.  As everyone knows, paint samples are not very helpful but any advice would be very helpful!  But truthfully, picking out a paint color isn't the end of the could be worse!


  1. I vote restrained gold. Very classic and soft and it would look so pretty with white woodwork...don't you have that? I love picking paint!

  2. Thanks Leslie! I think that's what I'm going with, but like to hear others thoughts! Love the family pic on your blog!


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