Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter

What a joyous time of year!  Birthdays, warm weather (hello 90's), flowers blooming, enjoying the outside, and Easter!  So fun!
We started off the festivities on Friday when the kids and I dyed Easter Eggs!  We only did 8 eggs, but that was plenty for us!  Each kid colored the eggs with crayons and then picked their colors to dye the eggs!  While we waited ever so patiently, they drew pictures....well, Molly and Jack drew while Will just wanted to color on the eggs!  So, yeah!  We finished that activity pretty quick!
Saturday was a nice day of Lowe's, Kroger, Target, and HEB...all of which were not busy...I WISH!!  What was I thinking?  Oh well!  I survived and tried to not give to many "looks" at the people who just stop in the middle of the aisle and leave their cart (really don't like those people, but that is for another time).  Saturday night, I'm getting the kids Easter baskets ready and realize that 1)  I didn't buy Will an Easter basket  2)Even after visiting every store in the world on Saturday  3)  I barely bought anything for the kids baskets  and 4) I looked on Facebook and felt worse when I saw all of the pictures of the elaborate Easter baskets everyone made for their children.
Going to bed feeling defeated, I woke up to some excited kids who cared less about other peoples baskets because..."The Easter Bunny brought baskets and hid eggs!" According to Molly!  Jack noted, "he forgot a basket for Will, but that's OK."  And it was, Will had so much fun finding the eggs along with Jack and Molly, plus he didn't realize he was the only child without a new swimsuit (he has 3 from Jack).  All 3 kids loved opening the eggs filled with money and candy.
Side note:  Growing up a Barry means having intense Easter Egg hunts.  We would knock each other over trying to find eggs hidden throughout our house.  And by we I mean my brother and I.  These eggs were filled with quarters, dollars and sometimes several dollars!  But, while we were opening eggs, my dad would sneak money while our dog Sam sneaked candy.  You had to secure your eggs in your own corner while you opened them, otherwise they would be stolen!  Intense, intense I say and yes, Matt cried a few times!
Anyway...back to the Brewer house, no one stole eggs, candy or money!  We made it to church and had a wonderful service!  Came home to make some yummy ham, green bean casserole and yummy potatoes!  Not to mention the Brewer secret recipe for the jello/cranberry dish...not really a secret but I love it and Eric makes it for every holiday!  Thanks hubs!
Next up for us...
1.  More t-ball for Jack!  Go Red Sox!
2.  Eric's birthday...somethings on his list...ipad 2, gas grill, Home Depot gift card (fix the hole in the bathroom wall!)
 3.  The Barry's invading Houston!  We're going to the zoo and t-ball, beat that Ireland!
4.  Also, need to check the sales for an Easter basket for Will!  What is wrong with me?
5.  Checking out all the coupon sites.  Still trying to figure out how to save money like they do on Extreme Couponing!  Seriously, I want the free toilet paper and saving thousands a year!
6. And, last one I promise(!) Just finished "The Hunger Games" A-MA-ZING!!!  Loved it!  Go read it today!

          The family on Easter!  Will 18 months, Jack 5 years old and Molly 3 years old
                           Some of our lovely eggs made on Friday
            Our fun Easter egg hunt on Sunday (Will's "basket" was the Target bag)
                               Waving hi to everyone!  Love his baby blues!
                        Getting ready for our family photo!
                                        Our pretty girl!  


  1. Why do I always forget to tell you about the good books!? I read the Hunger Games last summer. Have you read Water for Elephants? I just finished it and it was amazing!

  2. What great pics! I can't believe how big the kiddos are! What dolls!

  3. Thanks Nikki! Love "little" Hudson pictures too!
    I'm 3rd on the list at the library for it Courtney and 49th for Catching Fire, but might break down and buy it!

  4. Liz,

    I've got Catching Fire (the whole series, actually) if you want to borrow it. Just let me know! I LOVED that series! :) Your family Easter photos are great! I wish I had remembered to do that!


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