Friday, April 8, 2011

Five kids, ages five and under

Last night, I baby-sat for my friend and watched her two adorable children.  She has a 2 year old son and a 3 month old daughter and both are so sweet and lovable, my kids think they are part of our family!  But, I had my 3 adorable children with me for the first hour, meaning I had 5 children ages 5 and under!  The older 2, Molly and Jack were great, but those younger 3, ages 2, 18  and 3 months were a bit much.  I mean, they are so young and don't understand the concept of sharing, waiting your turn or that's not yours.  It actually went really well but there were a few brief seconds where I didn't have enough arms for everyone.  I mean only one of the five isn't mobile, but I quickly learned how unstable her head was since I'm used to carrying an 18 month old and not a 3 month old!  Everyone actually played wonderfully with each other and no tears over toys!  And, equally exciting, Eric came to get our three kids right before dinner time and I was left with two, which was so nice and easy!  I mean, one kid ate his dinner and the other drank her bottle, bed for the 2 year old and snuggle time with the baby, loved it!
 I was talking with my friend last night when she got home and we were trying to figure out how people with 5 kids do it all?  In reality, I could have a family that close in age because I all ready have 3 really close in age.  I started feeling overwhelmed and stressed just thinking about 5 kids and we seriously sat there in silence contemplating that many children and if we could still be sane.  Hmm...not quite sure if I could be my loving self, but who knows!
I think the best part of last night was:
1.  Snuggling with a baby!
2.  Having all 5 kids playing peacefully for most of the time
3.  Having a beer with my friend when she came home and watching the Real Housewives of New York
4.  Knowing I wasn't waking up with a baby in a few hours or later that night!
As for families with lots and lots of children (lots is more then 3 because I don't think 3 is lots, maybe just a lot), good for you and awesome!  Growing up I wanted 10 kids, especially since my younger brother and I are 10 years apart.  Now, I just don't know how people do it, but they do.  Life I mean.  How do they do life without losing focus on why we are here?  I get in ruts where I think my sole purpose is to provide clean clothes and food for my family, that's it!  If I'm nursing, add to the equation liquids for my baby.  But, I know God will give you what you can handle and some people handle lots and lots of kids beautifully, leaving the rest of us wonder their secret.  Please let me know!
Lessons learned from this post:
1.  I don't think I could handle 5 kids, but it doesn't look like that's going to ever happen unless I get pregnant with twins within the next year (and please don't make that a reality God if you are reading this)
2.  Don't lose focus on life, laundry is not your sole purpose!  Loving life and enjoying it is!  Get out there and love it!
3.  Beer, RHONY, and a girl time is great
4.  Life is pretty great with the 3 kids God provided for us!
5.  NO this does not mean I want more kids or that we are don't get any ideas!

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