Friday, March 11, 2011


One of our favorite questions around here is "Why?!"  All five us ask it throughout the day for many different reasons.  Eric and I usually ask, "Why would you do that?  What were you thinking?"  (The last question is what I say the most, even though I know my children weren't thinking at the time.)  My children usually ask, "Why are we going in the car?  Why are we eating this for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner?  Why are getting Jack from school?  Why is the bathroom dirty?  (Really?)  Why does Will wear diapers?  Why is it hot?  Why is it cold?  Why are there so many dishes in the sink?  Why is your car black?  Why are you wearing a dress?"  I could go on all day!  Here are some common "Whys" I ask myself....

Why is it when I vacuum, the boys are obsessed and loving to help me vacuum, but Molly magically disappears?  Does she know that in the future she will vacuum more then she wants to and is waiting as long as possible to start vacuuming?  Jack just started vacuuming for me and it's a wonderful experience watching him work so hard and have fun!

Why, then, did Molly choose a toy vacuum with her birthday money?  She loves it, but both boys love it more!

Why does Will always, ALWAYS, take off his right shoe and sock?  In the car, in shopping carts, at the park, at church, EVERYWHERE!  He just got bigger shoes and he enjoys wearing his left shoe and sock...why, Will, why?

Why is Jack growing up too fast?  He loves learning his letters and writing and he's just starting to put letter sounds together to create and spell words!  Love it!  We go to his Kindergarten Orientation on the 31st...why?!

Why is he almost 5?!!

Why is Molly 3 going on 13?  I can no longer pick out her clothes without her help and she is back to wearing a tutu everyday!  Love it but it's becoming a long process!  She asks last night why I didn't bring her purse with us and when she can get a phone like daddy's.  We also got her some sandals and that was just a long process finding shoes we both like and then finding her size...and I had all 3 kids...never again!

Why is Jack freaking out about what to wear?  Hello, you're a boy, why are you flipping out over wearing swishy pants and not jeans?  Ever since the age of 2 1/2, he has loved jeans, meaning he wants to wear them everyday, unless it's the summer and then he'll wear jean or khaki shorts.  The other day, I was a little behind on laundry (10 loads later, I'm done!) and all of his jeans were dirty.  So, silly me, laid out swishy pants and a shirt and was met with tears and yelling.  It was a long morning, but he wore his swishy pants!

Why is it when my kids go to bed late, like anytime after 8, they wake up earlier then usual?  Now, their normal bedtime is 7-7:30 and wake up around 6-6:30 (I know you're jealous!), but imagine putting them down later and expecting them to wake up around 7...not so much!  They will wake up at 5:30!  Why?!!!  It's sad when you think 6:30 is sleeping in and are happy to sleep until 6:30.

Why is coffee so gosh darn delicious?

Why do my kids have so many clothes and Eric and I are wearing clothes from college?

Why did my air conditioner in my car have to break when we live in the most humid city?  Hello 80 degrees on March 11!

Why, when I go to get paint color samples for our dining room and pick out colors that say gold, when the color is on the wall, it's not gold but mustard?  I want gold, people, gold!

Why are the weeds in our yard taking over slowly but surly?

Why can't I stop asking the question why?  This is fun!  But, need to clean up the dishes from dinner last night that are still in the sink and then get us all ready for the day! Yea!

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