Friday, March 18, 2011

Who are these people?

So, I'm totally reevaluating my life and decided to try to up my Blog Game.  Posting daily, adding in tips, recipes, and activities I do with the kids, you know, bragging about how wonderful of a wife and mom I am.  Heck, I might as well try to get paid, I've read people who get paid to write their blogs, I could totally do better.  I might even throw in a picture or two, but baby steps first.  I decided Spring Break would be the week, luckily, that's this week!
Monday rolls around and we have a pajama day!  Yes!  A great way to start my new project in life!  We all wear our pajamas, build a fort in our play room, even a few thunderstorms added to the fun of the day!  Well, after nap time (and a few tons of laundry washed and put away, score!), Will wakes up with a fever and just needs love.  Poor baby!  My plans for making St. Patrick's day crafts are put on hold and I cuddle with him while we all watch The Imagination Movers in Concert for the 100th time (BTW, what is Joey Fatone doing on there?) with the other two kids.  That night, while up with him and his 103 fever, I start looking at blogs for the inspiration for my new and improved and came up with one thing:  Who are these people?  When do they have time to do these crafts, recipes, homeschooling (seriously, have nothing against it but how?!  Why?!!), do-it-yourself home projects, workout, take pictures to post on the blog and update their blog ALMOST daily?!!!  Seriously, who are they and what am I doing wrong?  Really?  I can barely make it through the day of laundry, meal making, cleaning, and being the calm, patient wife and mother I am (I'm joking, opposite of patient)!  I thought I was on top of things by doing one St. Patrick's Day craft.
Tuesday, a new day and not much inspiration from the other blogs, but hope!  I found a blog from a fellow working mom and figured if she can make these things with her kids and work and blog, I can TOO!  We actually made hand print leprechauns, homemade pudding, and had a sick little Puggy Bear with the flu!  A pretty good day, and found a home decorating site where I feel like I can do it and not bitter ( really people, stop the bragging, you're awesome OK?  Now go make some homemade biscuits, plant your organic garden fertilized by your own compost, take your children to yoga, and refinish that 1892 window frame your turning into a picture frame).
Wednesday, a brand new child back from the Land of Sick!  Bring on the Rainbow Cupcakes!  This is from the mom who stays home and the pictures are so pretty!  The kids were so excited and so was I!  I'll post about that adventure soon!  What...a two part post?!  Crazy talk!

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  1. You are amazing, don't stress! I'm happy with once a week blogging, and even that has more pics than text. Love whatever you post!


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