Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sniff...sniff, sniff

Yes, I'm shedding tears right now because today is Jack's 5th birthday!!  These are tears of joy I promise you but where have those 5 years gone?!!  Seriously, it has gone way.  too.  fast.  Here is why we ALL love Jack and some Jack highlights!

*He loves trains and is so knowledgeable about them!  Last night we watched the most boring documentary about the history of trains.  He loved it!  The rest of us did not.  It reminded me of the films we watched in elementary school that were actually on a film reel and had the monotone voice that slowly put us all to sleep!  But, it was so precious watching Jack learn about trains.  The rest of the night we heard the facts about the Rock Island railroad.
*  He sometimes talks in a very deep voice when he tells us what he's about ready to do.  "I'm going to get my shoes on guys."  And his voice starts normal and gradually gets deeper.
*He's starting to read to us and asks us constantly what letters each words start with, sounding out words, and spells out words for us.  He loves to read to Will, especially "Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?"
*He loves to help around the house....please don't jinx it by writing this!  He vacuums, dusts, and unloads the dishwasher.  He gets forks for us at dinner, puts away his laundry, and does all of this with his sweet smile!  Such a great helper!
*He's a mini-Eric!  Everyone tells me this by just looking at him, but I see it in his mannerisms, the way he walks, talks, and plays.  He's calm, patient, and explains things so sweetly, just like Eric!  When Eric works out in the yard, he has a Jack shadow the entire time!  So cute!!  And he's skin and bones...like Eric!
*He growls when he's mad, which isn't cute but it is.  I love think it's so funny, but only at certain times, like when he does it at anyone but me.  (He usually does it at me).
*  He's the best big brother EVER!!  Molly and Will love him more than anything!  Will calls everyone Jack, even Molly, and runs towards him every morning after Jack wakes up and everyday when we pick up Jack from school, Will gets all excited, kicking his feet and shouting, "Jack, Jack, Jack!!"  Someone told me recently that when Molly is with Jack, it's almost like she's with her security blanket because she's looking at him for guidance, protection, and calmness.  I want a big brother like Jack!
*He finds joy and happiness in the littlest things in life, which reminds me daily that it truly is the little things that matter the most!  "Mom, it's a beautiful day!"  "It's Ms. Sherri's trash day tomorrow, wow, she's lucky!"  "We need to call Papa and let him know that KU is playing  in Texas!"  "Molly, you are so lucky to go to Kindermusik and play the drum!"  "Will, you get to be my little brother!"
*He recently told us to call him J-Man, not Jack.
*He knows how to get anywhere in this big city we call home!  If he's been there twice, he can most likely get you there and home.  It's amazing!  And, the whole way there, "That's where we went for dinner one time."  "Is that the Petsmart we got Lucy's fish food?"  "We're almost to daddy's work, there it is!!"  He knows the Beltway, 610, knows that 45 takes us to Kansas, and that 1-10 is by our house, but first you need to get on 99.  Love it!
Love this kid so much!  Here he is having fun at Molly's birthday party!  

Happy Birthday Jack!  We are honored being your parents and you make the world a better place!  Never change Jack Jack!  We love you!

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