Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rainbow cupcake DISASTER!!

Maybe I'm being a smidge dramatic, but really!  They did not turn out as cute as the pictures.  Cupcakes look so sweet and easy to make, but they're not!  They are tricky little things and there is no way of realizing it until you're halfway through the recipe and can't stop!

1.  Where are the pictures of the screaming toddler, wanting to be held?  Hmm?  I decide to put mine in his booster chair and move it right next to me at the counter with his snack.  Genius, especially because Jack and Molly were standing on their chairs at the counter.  He could be just like them.  Except, he threw his snack all over the kitchen and kept turning off the oven.  Smart me figured he wouldn't touch the buttons he's been trying to touch HIS. ENTIRE. LIFE.  Genius.
2.  I ran out of food coloring.  I just assumed we had enough, but we didn't.  Our rainbow cupcakes were without the color blue.  I had barely enough to make purple and it look more brown.  Jack kindly pointed that out, "I thought blue and red made purple, not brown."
3.  I also ran out of cupcake liners.
4.  I made a healthier recipe for the cupcakes, from the Jessica Seinfield Deceptively Delicious cookbook (one of my favorites to get ideas, some of the recipes are...odd.)  Here is the recipe for the Yellow Cake.  The recipe calls for plain, banana, or vanilla yogurt, but I tried Greek Yogurt with honey.  First, yum.  Second, I gave all three kids a lick and they started a licking war over the lid.  They acted like this was the best yogurt EVER.  Coming from the same three kids who didn't touch the berry smoothie I made for them the day before.  Where are the pictures Perfect Blog of your kids fighting over the yogurt?
5.  I'm mentally challenged when it comes making cupcakes.  I just can't figure out how much to put in cups.  And, I couldn't figure out how much of each color to put in to make the funky  rainbow.  The cupcakes were lopsided.  No way could I post pictures of them, they looked horrible! (But tasted oh so delicious!  Light and fluffy, yum!)
6.  My kids also had a licking war over the spatula with the leftover cake batter.  They didn't eat dinner that night.
7.  I only made six cupcakes.  I waved the white flag.

Lessons learned:
1.  Make sure I have enough food coloring and cupcake liners when making cupcakes (A helpful tip from the hubs.  No sympathy or encouragement for cooking with the kids, just the cold hard facts)
2.  I'll make a cake the next time.

I think I might rename my blog to the opposite of Martha, because that is exactly what I am!


  1. Have you seen the rainbow cake that MckMama made? Unbelievable. Where does one get the time with 5 kids? Congrats on trying!

  2. Oh Courtney, I did not see those but it doesn't surprise me with her! She is unbelievable, especially with 5 kids, homeschooling, the pictures she takes, wow! Did you see she left her husband recently, though?


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