Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow day?

Growing up in Iowa and Kansas, I'm used to snow, ice and freezing cold temperatures. I walked to the bus stop in ice and snow, wearing my uniform jumper with bear legs in the freezing cold temps.  I went sledding everyday after school, made snow angels and igloos, and embraced snuggling by the fireplace and hot cocoa.  Now, after living in Texas for nearly 3 years, all of my fond childhood and young adult memories are gone.  I HATE the cold and snow, never really liked the ice, and hibernate inside when the temperature drops below 60.  Don't judge.  When you celebrate Christmas in shorts and t-shirts, ride your bike and play at the park in January with the temps reaching the 80's, wouldn't you HATE the cold?  No?  I love summer, heat, humidity, bring it.  I have the hardest time staying warm, but how easy is it to cool off?  Jump in the pool, go inside to the a/c, eat some watermelon.  To get warm....drink hot chocolate, but only my hands warm up.  Sit by the fire but only one half of my body is warm.  Yuck!  My poor kids don't even have winter was 78 on Monday!
All week we heard on the weather about the "huge" amount of snow and ice, the dangerous conditions...."snowmegedon" they said!  By Thursday night, schools, airports, and cities were closed due the the horrific weather expected Friday.  Keep in mind, on Thursday, the temps were in the 30's, no rain, snow, or wind.  Our kids were so excited, snow!  "Just like what we see on TV" shouts Jack.  We had plans, big plans for the snow.  "I'm going to have a snowball fight like on Elf, build a snowman like Frosty, and roll around in it."  Wait, do we watch too much TV?
Friday, kids wake up and eagerly look outside to see...nothing.  No snow, a tad bit of ice, and chilly.  The news acted like it was a hurricane instead of a little ice.  It was so funny watching everything on the news!  Poor kids!  Oh well, they'll be outside riding their bikes on Sunday when we're back in the 60's.  I'll be thawed out by then, I hope!  Right now, I'm wearing tons of layers, under a huge fleece blanket, fire in the fireplace, and my heater set way too high!  I'm also reminded again that I love summer!

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  1. Jack can have some of our snow. We have too much and are supposed to get more tomorrow.


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