Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Molly is 3 today!  Happy Birthday Molly!  I can NOT believe she is 3, where has the time gone?  We had such a fun weekend of celebrating, with more to come tonight when she picks what we are eating for dinner...shocker, she's still debating!  She is so my daughter!

On Saturday, we had a few of her friends over and had a Kindermusik princess party!  We danced, leaped like frogs, spun around in our Bilibos, which we all LOVE, and made princess or prince (for the few boys who were there) wands.  She finally, finally decided on Dora for her cake and the decorations, which is perfect because she loves Dora!  She wore an adorable tutu that her friend Sierra gave her as an early present and just loved having all of her friends here to celebrate with her!  During prayers on Saturday night, we were talking about her party and thanking God for a wonderful day when she got teary eyed about Papa, Grandma, Boppi and Mema not being at her party (is that a hint that they need to come visit?).  What a sweet little girl!

This morning, her actual birthday, she woke up to streamers on her door (a family tradition on every birthday!) and presents to open.  One of her brothers had a hard time not telling her the presents, "When is Molly going to open her doll house toys?"  "When is Molly going to open her water table?"  So, I think the only real surprise were the outfits sent by Boppi and Mema...oh well, he's only 4!  So far she is enjoying jumping on the sand/water table box with Will.  I took the gang to the Houston Zoo today, thinking I was nuts because there is no school and 80's degrees, and we had a fun time!  Well, Jack and Will had a fun time!  Molly kept tripping and saying she was hungry, finally she rode in my friend Kami's stroller and Molly was a lot better!  Thanks Kami!    Now, everyone, even Jack, is sleeping after our fun day!  Like I said before, she is deciding where to go for dinner and it's up in the air.  For the past few days, she said Chick-fil-a but now she doesn't know where!  I love her!

We are so blessed to have our Molly!  Our life would be so boring without her and we our better because of her sweet, loving ways!

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  1. I still remember the day she was born! And you calling me to say you wouldn't be over for a play date! Happy Birthday Molly!


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