Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Growling and Sreaming

Apparently growling is the way we talk around here now.  At least if you're a boy under the age of 5.  Both boys have taken to growling for two different reasons:  One growls when he's happy and the other growls when he's mad, has to do something he doesn't want to do, or has to be near his sister (the horrors).  You guess which one is which.  The first one is adorable and if you growl first, he'll do it right back, laughing the whole time.  We all take turns growling with him around the dinner's so cute!  The other one growling, isn't that cute, especially when he's growling, "Mommy, you are not the boss."  Seriously, he growls this to me.  At least he's cute when he's growling with the other one!
Now, take a guess at who prefers to scream instead of growl.  This one screams when happy, sad, excited, gotten an owchie, when a fork/spoon drop on the floor, when food is cut the wrong way (even if the provider isn't aware of food being cut wrong until they see it fly across the room and hears the screaming), mad, when a brother takes something, sits nearby, comes close, walks into the room, has something first, and even while playing with baby dolls and pretends to scream for the babies "No, I'm babies mommy and babies are screaming."  Did that last one give it away?  The cute growler is turning into a not so cute screamer.  To give the cute growler credit, he can't express himself with words as the other two, but you think his head is falling off when really someone took his pink stroller.  Don't judge the boy, he doesn't know his colors yet.

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