Sunday, January 30, 2011

Little bits of this and that

With the month of January almost over, I have done a horrible job updating our blog!  Whoops!  I promise to do better the remaining 11 months of 2011!  Here are some things over the past month our kids have said or done....

A conversation with Eric and Jack:

Eric gets home from work everyday and almost immediately changes out of his work clothes into more comfy clothes.  So, one day Eric is changing and Jack walks into our room.
"Daddy, why are you changing your pants?"
"Well, I want to get out of my work clothes."
"Because you pooped your pants?"
"No, because I want to change my clothes."
"Did you poop your pants?"

Molly's birthday is in a few weeks and all we have heard about this past month is her birthday.
"Molly, what kind of cake do you want for your birthday?"
"A chocolate Dora cake with chocolate frosting.  No Swiper, no Boots, only Dora.I love Dora"
Everyday we hear this, almost every hour of the day.
Every since Christmas, I've been trying to figure out what to get her for her birthday....she's given me nothing. No ideas at all!  I asked her what she liked from Christmas and she told me she didn't like her Dora doll.  Uh, OK, but what do you want?!!
"I want a box to play in for my birthday."
That's a start and I can handle a box.
A few days later...."I want a box, a phone like Daddy's, and Dr. Pepper."
1.  Do we drink too much Dr. Pepper?
2.  Does Eric use his phone a little too much?
3.  Her adding to her list hasn't really helped with the gift purchasing.
Another few days pass..."I want a pink jeep to drive outside, Dr. Pepper, a phone like Daddy's, and a box."
FINALLY!  An actual present!
That same night, as she is putting away her milk in the refrigerator, we have this conversation.
"What is that?"
"Those are Daddy's beer bottles."
"I want one for my birthday."
"You can have one for your 21st birthday, those are for Mommy's and Daddy's."
"Oh, I'm 21."
"No, you're almost 3."
"But I want one for my birthday...oh, please?!"

Then there's Will, so sweet and loving.  We can't actually have conversations with him but the little man is saying words and has the cutest expressions.  He currently says hot, yes,baby, mama and calls everyone Jack!  Except for Dada who he screams for the second Eric walks in the door.  He used to eat everything in sight, now throws his food all over the floor as if it's poison.  Apparently though, he prefers to eat his food off of the floor because that is where we find Will after our meals, picking up the food and putting it in his mouth.  Then he smiles his sweet smile and you're not sure if you should make him spit out his food and disinfect his mouth or reassure yourself that it could be worse and this will help him become immune to weird diseases.  It's a toss-up!