Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fun times!

Us Brewers have had quite an exciting few weeks!

1.  Eric and I had a date night...on the town...with an overnight a HOTEL!!  We had a baby-sitter and no need to hurry home until lunch time Saturday!  It was wonderful to sleep in and wake up with NO ONE WAKING YOU UP!!!!

2.  The Milnes' Family visited us for a couple of days and we wished they could have stayed longer, we had so much fun with our friend Joshua!  We went to the Arboretum, Texadelphila (yum), Lupe's (double yum), and showed them a little of our life here!  Hurry back friends!

3.  We headed to Kansas for Thanksgiving and saw mainly family while we were there!  It was great seeing family members that we haven't seen in years, some of them hadn't even met some of our own...Will!  While we were there, Eric and I went out shopping with his sister Katie on Black Friday and it was my first experience ever being at a store opening!  Super crazy times!  We also went bowling with my family and we learned that Jack is a little bit of a trash talker, we were highly entertained!

4.  All of our children are going through sugar detox after returning home from a few days at Papa's and Grandmas!  They were happy and spoiled, which is what would be expected and my children are handling the detox with ease!

5.  Jack has been invited to a million (not a million, but close) birthday parties the past few weeks.  He went to one a few weeks ago and played laser tag and bowled, LOVED IT!!  Another one was this past week and had so much fun hanging out with some of his friends, and now we've been invited to THREE more this month!  His social calender is filling up! He also has his Christmas program for preschool and Christmas party on two separate days...what is it going to be like when they are all in school?  I'm starting to panic!

6.  Molly is our rising artist and loves to color!  Well, the other day, she drew all over our couch, walls, table, and some toys in our play room.  Don't know where the pen came from but she put it to good use!  I was helping Jack with his homework and she went upstairs and usually, the key word, is so good playing with her dolls.  Sigh!  Here comes the panic again!  What am I going to do when they ALL HAVE HOMEWORK??

7.  On a happier note...Will started walking tonight!  Yea!  Jack and I cheered him on while Eric and Molly went Christmas shopping!  He's growing up way too fast!  And Jack just noticed that Will has teeth and is so excited for him. I tried to tell him he has had teeth for a month or so, but Jack jumped up and down like crazy and was so happy for him!

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