Friday, December 24, 2010

A few of our favorite things...

I finally got around to watching Oprah's Favorite Things show, with her wonderful gifts and reading my friends blog, The Barkers, I am inspired to list My Favorite Things.  Where would our life be without these wonderful and sometimes "why didn't I think of that?" things!

1.  DVR:  Really?  That's number 1?  Yes, OK!  Not only can I watch The Real Housewives or Top Chef whenever I want to, but I was able to record every Christmas show for my children and all of Eric's Top Gear or Junior VS. Senior.  It's amazing to turn on a show for my children at "the piranha" hour of 5 o'clock and 2 of the 3 children are suddenly calm.

2.  Blankets.  Molly LOVES her green "blankety,"  Jack loves to cuddle under the covers, and Will likes to sleep on top of all blankets.  When they are awake, they all love to snuggle with their blankets and it's adorable!

3.  Wipes, Kleenex and toilet paper:  Besides the obvious uses, I use wipes for a thousand and one things and don't know what I would do with all!

4.  Hand Sanitizer:  Kids are gross and go to gross, dirty places and hand sanitizer works miracles, miracles I say!

5.  Kindermusik with Kathy and Friends:  We've been attending the classes this past fall and my kids LOVE the music, activities and Ms. Kathy!  The musical instruments, stories, Open House have all been wonderful and my children LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going each week to see Ms. Kathy and Sierra!  Molly's sweet little voice singing those songs is priceless!

6.  Diaper Cream:  Enough said!

7.  HEB:  Love this grocery store, it has everything I need and didn't know I wanted!  Will loves the fresh dumplings, all the kids love the fresh tortillas, and I love the sushi!  What a happy family!  Thank you HEB!

8.  My hair straightener and Chi products:  It might sound shallow, but do you live in Houston?  During the summer?  No?  Then you don't know how humid it gets here and how frizzy my hair gets all day everyday, except for when I use my Chi products and straightener!  Miraculous things happen!

9.  Grace Fellowship:  Not only is it our church, but also Jack's preschool.  It has brought Eric and I closer to God as a couple, turned us into regular church attenders and preschool Sunday school teachers, but we have met lifelong friends through our small group.  Jack LOVES preschool and the kids love going to their Sunday school classes!  Well, we're working on Will!  They have a wonderful mom's group called iBloom and it has helped me in so many ways as a wife, mother, friend and individual, bringing me closer to God!  Such an amazing place!

10:  Teething tablets, Motrin, ear drops, and asthma medication:  For our poor sick kids and Jack with his asthma, who knows what our kids would be like with all of these wonderful creations!

11.  Library:  Not only can you go and check out books, dvds and go to story time, you can reserve whatever book you want and not have to pay a cent for it!!  LOVE reading books, helping my children pick out books and reading to them!

12.  Flashlights:  The simplest thing my kids love!!!

13:  Our blog and Facebook:  Don't judge, but both are amazing!  I can stay in contact with friends and family who live all over the country!  I'm friends on Facebook with people I went to Kindergarten with and we actually talk and comment on each others pictures!  Love it!  I can see pictures and know what is going on with peoples lives, and they can see my kids grow up and catch a glimpse of our life!

14:  Train table:  My kids, especially the boys, love the train table they got last year for Christmas.  So simple, yet, so many possibilities of fun!

15:  Sams, Costco, Target and Wal-Mart:  All of these places can provide my family with food, medicine, clothes, toys, and joy!  I prefer Target for clothes, pharmacy (they know us all by name), and for quick trips for a few things (it's right down the street from us.  I went there twice yesterday, once for shredded potatoes and the second time for Hershey kisses).  Wal-Mart has better deals on the few food things I get there, juice, yogurt, condiments.  But Target has a better deal on dark chocolate chips, which should have their own column on my list.  Anyway, Sams and Costco made the list because we just switched over from Sams to Costco and love both places.  Just their samples alone can make a family happy!

Thank you Oprah for your inspiration, I know my list doesn't have costly things and I will not be giving anything away, unless someone wants to baby-sit our children, you can have them for a few hours, just let me know!  Hopefully next years list will include:
*A deep freezer
*A dresser for Will
*A bigger kitchen table (he has to get out of that huge high chair)

Merry Christmas to everyone!  We are so thankful for everything on our silly little list and especially our friends and family!

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