Saturday, November 6, 2010

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Molly, I love the girl and we are blessed to have her as our daughter!  What isn't to love about her?  She's funny, sweet, caring, loving, silly, a good eater sleeps great, potty trained at 2, smart, witty, I could go on!  With as much love we have for her, I'm beginning to realize the apple hasn't fallen far off the tree with me me being said tree.  The girl is a ditsy, klutzy and a little scatterbrained little girl who is just like her mother.

She trips all the time, but so do I!  She is constantly misplacing her green blankety, hair bows, shoes, silly bands (the list can go on) all of the TIME!  But, I can never find my keys, cell phone, shoes, a child now and then (only partially kidding, Will is one fast crawler!).  Asks the same questions over and over again which can drive a person bananas, but I do the same thing!  I'll ask the same questions 5 minutes after I asked it the first time and at some point when the person is answering I finish the answer because I ALL READY KNOW THE ANSWER.  I'm a good listener, but I forget.  So does Molly.  I'll even catch myself saying, "Oh yeah, I remember know."  Molly's favorite response to answers to her questions are "Why?"  Or "Oh?" And trust me, these questions both of us ask aren't about physics, NFL calls, or Aristotle, but I'm 31 and she's 2, so obviously our questions equal our age, education and all of that, but sometimes we ask totally random, dumb things.  That's OK!

I love her, love her I say!

She can be RIGHTHEREINYOURFACE and not give you any breathing room, but I do that all the time with Eric, Jack and Will.  We love to cuddle and sometimes we'll do anything to get our cuddles in, even if it means sitting on top of the person, tickling them, or wrestling them to the floor to get some love (I may or may not have done all of these things).  Sometimes she'll lie in the middle of the bathroom floor (eww), kitchen floor (eww again), or any floor and cry "I NEED LOVE!!!"  When she does this, the last thing you want to give her is love, but nothing else will work.  So, picking her up, hugging her and give her "love" is what is best for her and usually everyone giving her "love."  Now, I do NOT lie on the floor screaming I need love, but I do need love too and have a funny way of showing it, usually when I'm tired or hungry, just like Molly!

Like I said, we're blessed and love our little girl and I'm so proud of her!  Yes, we're very similar and I pray we grow together to have a healthy, honest, and wonderful mother/daughter relationship and friendship!  I love her!

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