Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Do not come anywhere near our family!  We have all experienced a nasty stomach bug and it's not pretty.  Not saying stomach bugs usually are pretty, but this is bad.  Way bad.  Gross bad.  And just when you think it's over, it's just beginning!  

I was the first one to experience the joy on Saturday morning, following close behind me was Will.  I spent the whole day alternating between my bed and toilet.  Will had one big burst of stomach fun and was fine!  So, my sweet husband did his manly duty of caring for the kids and letting me sleep.  So sweet!  Sunday rolls around and I'm feeling better, but not 100%.  I really wanted to go to church, maybe to pray to God that I never want to go through that again, and so we went.  By the time we returned home, I felt like a bus ran me over and then a dump truck poured a ton of bricks on me.  Not good.  I thought, "Maybe going to church wasn't a great idea."  Eric and Jack went to the pumpkin patch, long story, and the other two and I take a lovely nap.  I'm was pretty sure we were in the clear.  No one else had gotten sick and everyone was eating and acting normal!  Yea!

Around 2:30, Molly wakes up SCREAMING!  I run up there and get hit by a funny smell, yep!  Molly's turn!  Poor thing, nothing stayed down and I just wanted to love on her.  It was a long afternoon and evening and by this point, I knew Jack was next.  I had that Mom feeling!  So, I positioned myself on the couch up in our playroom, ready.  At 11, Molly had her last go-round and at 11:30, Jack began!  So started a long night!  

Where, might you ask, was Eric through all of this.  Asleep.  I seem to only get a 24 hour sick leave per year.  Kidding, but really, he was asleep except when I woke him up the first time Jack got sick and Eric stood there watching me clean up Jack's bed.  Thanks Bud!  

Monday was a lazy day spent doing nothing!  Jack was excited to have a pajama party (between getting sick and sleeping he was happy), Molly loved watching Beauty and the Beast, and Will went on with his innocent little life.  I spent the day cleaning and folding mountains of laundry.  Still not 100% myself, thinking it was pure exhaustion from lack of sleep the past night.  

Tuesday, Jack goes to school and he is acting great, happy, cheerful, eating normally!  Life as we once knew, uneventful, calm.

Tuesday afternoon, pick Jack up from preschool and he's tired, grouchy, irritable.  Uh-oh.  Let's just say we had another little (OK, a lot) appearance of the "stuff" later in the afternoon.  Oh, Eric, at this point, is on his way to Austin for a meeting.  

Wednesday arrives after a normal night, early to bed for all of us, bland food for all of us, and a happy family!  I keep Jack home today and we have a nice little day.  11:23 a.m.  Eric texts me with three little words.  No, not "I love you."  or "You're the best."  "I got it."  

He's now on his way home from Austin, sick as a dog and apparently his truck isn't smelling so great.  Fun times!  Say a little pray for us, we need it!!  


  1. Oh my gosh! Me, Jason and Avery had that too! Something's going around! I think it's safe to say you didn't get it from us though! ;)

  2. It's the worse! You're so lucky Cameron didn't get it! Hope you're all doing great!

  3. Can we bring any bland food by?? How horrible!


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