Sunday, October 31, 2010

The BBQ Taste Test

This weekend we spent a lovely time in San Antonio seeing Boppi and Mema, my parents.  We pretty much ate a ton of food, walked along the River Walk, took a boat tour, and headed home.  Our kids need some time to adjust to new places and were all too excited to sleep or eat much.  We were home for half an hour and all three pooped in the comforts of their own toilets or diaper.  We love home apparently!

On our way home from San Antonio, we decided to stop for some Texas Bar-B-Que.  Now, being from Kansas City, we feel as though we are somewhat knowledgeable in the field of Bar-B-Que.  Not expert, but we know what we like.  I'm not a huge red meat person anyways, so I really don't know what I'm talking about in all honesty!  Hello Cheesy Corn Bake!  Yum!  Our friends the Redmonds wrote about their experience at Smitty's Market  and we thought we would check it out.  Smitty's Market is in Lockhart, Texas, about 17 miles off the highway and halfway between Houston and San Antonio.  Seriously, this little town has about 852 Bar-B-Que restaurants and maybe 15 people.  Serious.  What you don't realize until you get inside the building is that 1.  They smoke the meat right there, not back in the kitchen.  2.  There are open fires all over the place.  Hold onto your children!  "My face is HOT" a direct quote from Molly!  3.  No forks allowed (at least I didn't see any).  4 . No plates, only butcher paper.  If you want a to-go box, they hand you more butcher paper.  5.  They serve Blue Bell ice cream for $1 a scoop and those are some big scoops.

 I didn't think one would be hungry after consuming sausage, some brisket, some shoulder, white bread, potato salad and beans, but the 5 of us were!  Did I mention Eric bought 3 orange sodas for 4 of us to share?  Will had his water, lucky guy!  It was like drinking pure sugar, which is pretty close, I looked at the bottle and it said 51 grams of sugar!  Yuck!!!  I think the Blue Bell sent us over the edge.  Should have worn the big jeans.

So, comparisons between Kansas City and Texas Bar-B-Que.  I like the Bar-B-Que sauce in Kansas City a lot better, it could be Smitty's, but theirs was cold and just didn't do it for me.  It was good and the environment was fun, an overall fun time.  Seriously, can one really go wrong with smoked brisket?  I don't think so!

On our drive out of Lockhart, Eric started singing, "Deep in the heart of Texas."  A perfect ending to our fun little trip!


  1. Yeah!!! You went to Lockheart and increased their population ; )

    We'll try not to be offended that you like Kansas City BBQ better!
    Allison & Andrew

  2. It was still yummy, I promise! When we're homesick for BBQ, it will be a wonderful fill in! Thanks for telling us about it!


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