Saturday, September 25, 2010

I finally figured it out!

Don't get too excited, two posts in two days, crazy!  Must have some free time!  Well, Will is napping, Jack's at a birthday party and Eric took Molly to the store, I planned on cleaning, but don't really want to!  So, thought of a cute little Will story to share because we always get asked, "What about Will?  What does he like?!"

Will is going through a rough time with separation, mainly from his beloved mama!  Today I was helping Jack get ready for the birthday party and every time I spoke he would cry, reaching out for me.  Was he with complete strangers?  No, he was with Eric.  To give Eric credit, Will was starving (STARVING!  He ate a ton of grapes, black beans, a pear, cheerios and milk for lunch) and tired and doesn't like us blocking the doorway in our playroom.

The only time I really ever leave him with anyone but myself is at church.  We have a WONDERFUL church where  the kids go to their own Sunday School classes while we attend church just Eric and I.  We actually get something out of the message every week!  I know, it's great!  Will goes into the nursery to play with all of his little friends who haven't mastered walking and he used to go in with zero problems!  Used to being the key words!  Over the summer, we slacked off a tad and didn't attend church every Sunday.  Don't judge! We come to church a few weeks later and now Will screams when we hand him over to the sweet nursery workers.  Any where from 30 minutes to an hour into the service is when we see our names at the bottom of the big screen at the front of the church.  How embarrassing!  Everyone is looking around for us and then stares while one of us goes to get him.  We finally asked if they could text us.  The worst part, you can hear him screaming before you even step foot in the nursery and the second he sees one of his parents, he waves and smiles, tears are long forgotten!

We tried blankets, sippy cups, food, napping before church, seclusion in one room away from the other kids...nothing.  Nada.  Zilch!  Then I figured out the one thing he loves most in his world, besides myself, is a beach ball.  He will play with his beach ball for hours, hitting it across the room, laughing as he crawls to chase it.  If the beach ball is missing, no fear!  We have a small blue beach ball the is an excellent back up!  So, we tested it out last Sunday, bringing his blue beach ball that he clinched tightly while we walked to the nursery.  Of course he cried, but nothing after that.  No texts, no embarrassing displays in front of the entire church, just Eric and I checking our phones every few minutes in case we missed the text.  We got nothing out of the service because we were so concerned.  Afterwards, we RAN to check on our baby and he was fine!  When we entered, we heard him laughing while he was chasing his little blue beach ball.  The sweet nursery workers said he chased the blue beach ball the entire time and held onto it tightly while they changed his diaper.

Some kids need pacifiers, or a blanket (Molly), even a stuffed animals.  Our sweet little boy needs a beach ball.  I love him!

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